Nathan Evans, the Scottish postman who became a music star thanks to a saloma

A song shared on it was really enough for the postman Nathan Evans to become one of the figures of pop. The young Scotsman posted a saloma, a centennial song for sailors, in and since then she began her successful singing career.

December 27, 2020 is a date that Nathan Evans will never forget, as he published the video of your version of “Wellerman”, An old song popular with Scottish and New Zealand sailors. When he shared the clip, the man knew he had “Some fans who would enjoy it”, but he never thought that said recording was going to be viral In Internet.

In two weeks, Evans’s performance was everywhere. “It was maybe three or four days later that I realized that I was growing very, very fast, the views were going crazy. And I was like, okay, something is going on here ”, Held.

Nathan Evans Song by Wellerman

He quit his postman job

Months passed, and the Nathan Evans song hit national radio. After that, the Scotsman met with the various record labels and decided to quit his job as a postman to dedicate himself to music. “Music is now my full time job. So I wanted to make sure that I was always going to make the most of it. “, he indicated.

He toured Europe for the first time

After the boom that unleashed “WellermanNathan Evans did not sit idly by and continued to release some singles. In addition, the new pop star managed to perform at major festivals across Europe.

“I have been to Germany, I have been to Austria, I have been to Switzerland and I have never been to any of these places before. Simply playing songs in front of people and they sing to you is just a dream come true ”, Nathan assured

He surpassed Ed Sheeran

Likewise, Nathan, who has more than 120 thousand followers in , earned a Brit Award nomination and the version of “Wellerman”Became the best-selling single of the year in Germany, beating renowned musician Ed Sheeran for second place.

“So everything that has happened this year has been one milestone after another that I never thought would reach. This entire year has literally been a dream year ”, said an excited Nathan Evans.

What is a saloma

detail that a saloma is “A type of sailor’s song used to increase productivity in work carried out at sea. Many salomas have been preserved through oral tradition and continue to be interpreted today, although frequently outside of their original context “.

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Nathan Evans, the Scottish postman who became a music star thanks to a saloma