Nacho Mendoza will celebrate his 38th birthday with a symphonic concert

Will you have special guests, maybe a new meeting with Chyno?

“Well, with Chyno we depend on his health. At this time he is not at his full capacity to be able to make a long presentation with me or by himself. And we are attentive to that moment. We already made a small presentation in Youth Awards and I would love to continue sharing with my partner, but we depend on his improvement ”.

Was it difficult to match your songs with the orchestra?

“It is a complexity that the arranger had to face. I imagined it, but the arranger was the one who did everything necessary for there to be written music for each of the instruments that accompany me, from the flute, the viola, the cello, the violin, the harp … It was a work that took us time to generate all those musical arrangements. After the time the rehearsals are taking ”.

Chyno and Nacho©@nacho
Chyno and Nacho met after a long time during the Premios Juventud delivery

Are you nervous about the concert? What are the differences in the essays?

“More than nervous, anxious. Because I want as many people as possible to come to see the concert. For me it is not about the money that is made with the sale of tickets, it is about that as many people can appreciate this beautiful work that I have done with more than 140 people involved, who are putting their professionalism, their ability to work to show what they know how to do ”.

What will the public see in this streaming?

“There are songs in which we are going to have an adult choir, a children’s choir in another. There is a trombone sextet that will accompany me in a very special song. There will be a couple of classical dancers, contemporary dancers who will also be impersonating the protagonists of a couple of songs. It is a very beautiful and intimate moment ”.

“We are going to have the entry of a classical artist who is a super magical moment at night. It’s going to be incredible, I tell you with all my heart. In rehearsals we are bristling. People who have seen the rehearsals are moved to tears and I am very eager to show everything that we are preparing ”.