Musical group Soft Parade sells concert in Morristown NJ after COVID

Joe Bilotti is ready to open the doors of COVID lockdown and bring his band back on stage to set fire to classic rock fans around the world.

As lead guitarist for Soft Parade, the County College of Morris music teacher will join his bandmates on stage for his famous tribute to The Doors during a sold-out show Friday at the Mayo Performing Art Center in Morristown.

“It’s a dream come true because this is a room I’ve been in my entire life and heard some of the best work I know of,” said Belotti, who grew up and still lives next door to Morristown in the Whippany section of Hanover. .

The band also includes lead singer Joe Russo of Wayne and Vic Ruiz of Morristown on drums and Mike Appel on keyboards. They all wear 1960s clothing and perform in era-appropriate gear such as vintage guitars, amps, and other gear.

“It’s a remake of the nut soup similar to what Beatlemania did,” Belotti said. “But we are not actors, we connect with music.”

Soft Parade had already established an international following when Bilotti replaced the original guitarist nearly 30 years ago.

“They were riding a big wave at the time because of [1991] Door film.