Music and alarm: this is how Tesla prevents the theft of your car with its sentinel mode

Tesla exposes the thief

Park the car on the street, arrive, and get the unpleasant surprise that your bodywork has been scratched. Who has not this happened? Unfortunately, it is a more common practice than it should be, although luckily there are already systems that allow the exposed offender. That is precisely what we have with the brand owned by Elon Musk, Tesla.

Because, from its beginnings, beyond some cutting-edge technologies With regard to the electric car, the firm has always been clear that it is looking for it, above all, that its cars are completely safe. And for this reason they incorporated a few years ago the so-called Sentry Mode, sentinel mode.

With it, it is intended that those who intend to steal or damage their cars in any way think twice because the car has a video surveillance It records everything that happens around it. It does so by equipping cars with Autopilot version 2.0 or higher.

How does it act against robbery attempts?

Because, according to statistics, in years like 2021 there was a theft or attempted theft of a vehicle every 30.8 seconds in the United States. And that is where, to further improve the vehicle safetyTesla has this protection of great sense for everyone.

In this sense, the inclusion of its autonomous driving systems requires many different types of devices, to the point that the most important sensor used by the autopilot is the integrated camera system.

Tesla already uses the data captured by these cameras for more than just feeding the rest of the car’s sensors, some of which it already does, too, using the camera system to monitor the car. It works like this with essential elements so that the Autopilot can map the environment and take the control of the car when the driver so decides.

“Using Tesla cameras and sensors, Sentinel Mode detect, register and notify to the owners of possible threats when the car is parked », they publish on Twitter from the automobile firm.

Music, at full volume to alert of serious threats

Given this, the external cameras of the car to detect potential threats. If the vehicle detects a mild Threat, such as someone leaning over the car, Tesla activates the ‘alert’ state and displays a message on the screen touch that warns that your cameras are recording.

On the other hand, if the car detects that the threat is more seriouslike a window break, Sentinel Mode goes into the standby state. ‘alarm’that activate the car alarm, Increases the screen brightness center and play music at maximum volume from the vehicle’s audio system.

The objective is to surprise the thieves to dissuade them from continuing with their purpose. At the same time, the drivers of the car will receive a notification of what is happening through our mobile phone.

Another feature is that if the owner has inserted a formatted USB device before activating Sentinel mode, they will have the possibility to download a video of 10 minutes with recorded images by the cameras about what happened. This material will serve to clarify the incident and perhaps be able to identify the criminals.

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Music and alarm: this is how Tesla prevents the theft of your car with its sentinel mode