Most of the tickets for Pablo Milanés’ concert in Havana are for ‘organisms’

Since the day before there was people dialing to get tickets for Pablo Milanes concert next Tuesday June 21 in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater.

When the box office opened, it wasn’t selling 50 minutes. They immediately announced that the quotas for the population had been exhausted because most of the room’s capacity was reserved for “agencies”.

“How many tickets did they sell, 100?” asks one angry Facebook user.

“They told me that they sold only 300 tickets,” wrote the activist Boris González Arenas on their Facebook page.

Videos taken by an upset audience They show the director of the National Theater giving explanations to those present about the lack of quotas. “The National Theater at the moment is responsible for programming because the others have problems. We are the only ones who are working with the capital’s programming,” she says.

And he adds: “We knew that this Pablo concert was going to bring about this situation because it is also the only concert that Pablo is going to givebecause he also has health problems that don’t allow it”.

According to her, they had allocated the stalls and the first balcony to the population.

“It’s a shame,” laments the internet user responsible for the video. “They are sold out (the tickets) because the UJC and the Ministry of Culture reserved them, and this town that has not slept to buy the tickets, cannot access it.”

Immediately, we Cubans have called ourselves suspicious: “Since when has it been so urgent that the ‘organisations’ occupy most of the public at a concert?” “What is the compelling need behind this official reservation of seats?”

Very present we have other events of the culture witnessed mostly by the “organisms” so as not to establish the parallel. “That reminds me of the premiere of Alice in Wonderlands,” comments journalist Rudy Cabrera in the wall of Boris González Arenas.

Other memories are added: the Orioles game, to which no one could go, the Billy Joel concert at the Karl Marx… even that Los Aldeanos concert at the Acapulco cinema was filled with colleagues who did not understand anything about rap but yes from Revolution, and the true audience was left out.

It is a common practice of the authorities when they have no choice but to accept that a politically uncomfortable event occurs in one of their precincts: within the Revolution, it is filled with revolutionaries.

The merits to become an uncomfortable artist at this point, Pablo Milanés has been accumulating them over the years and his controversial statements. The harshest and most recent occurred as a result of the July 11 protests, when he sided with the youth and found the repression unleashed by a regime supported by the people to be “irresponsible and absurd,” which “in the end, what it does imprison him.”

With that, and with the precedent of the recent concert by Carlos Varela, the political police do not want risk. Instead of “freedom”, in that concert they will be asked to lower the blockade, to distribute the blackouts better or to put the mincemeat for the notebook. The dictatorship would have reached a position in which it should fear a concert by Pablo Milanés.

The singer-songwriter is summoned to find out if he agrees to sing to “half DSE” or to the people.

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Most of the tickets for Pablo Milanés’ concert in Havana are for ‘organisms’