More than 60 harp masters in virtual concert

A tribute to the different types of harps in the world is the engine of Harp Masters, an event that brings together the best interpreters from different countries and invites them to participate in a series of concerts and academic activities in Bogotá.

This Friday and Saturday will take place this meeting, which since 2014 the Llano y Joropo Corporation, led by the teacher Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza, It began with the purpose of generating spaces that allow to make visible the talent of children and young people of the capital, interpreters of the llanera harp, and to bring together different cultures of the world where the harp is representative.

This year, due to the situation that the world is experiencing due to the pandemic, the meeting will be held virtually from its “Masters of the Harp” page on Facebook. Three concerts will take place.

For this occasion, the event will have the participation of 23 international harpists from four continents, among which stand out Edmar Castaneda from Colombia, Alberto de la Rosa from Mexico, Cheich Sisico the Senegal, Pia Salvia from Belgium, Natsumi Imamura from Japan, Las Campanas Group from Japan, Evelina Rolón from Argentina, Athy from Argentina, Marcelo Rojas from Paraguay, Nicolas Castaneda from Colombia and USA, Martin Portillo from Paraguay, Cristian González from Paraguay, Lucía Shiomitsu from Japan and Miyuki Utada from Japan, among others.

For Colombia, Darío Robayo stands out, who will be the harpist honored in this edition; Grupo Arpas de Colombia, Grupo Arpas Kids and 45 children and youth from the Llano y Joropo Academy and national guests.

There will also be a Conversation directed by the teacher Doris Arbeláez entitled Harps and their dialogues with other musical instruments.

In total there will be more than 60 harpists who will bring the magic of the harp back to your homes. This event is supported by the District Institute of the Arts through the Concerted Support program.

Article: Soure