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After a first weekend of free concerts in the Plaza del Pilar where La Pegatina and Fangoria came out as great winners, Zaragozans and visitors will once again vibrate these days to the rhythm of the artists who will visit the city. Among them, it is expected Pablo Alboran from Malaga Be one of the great acclaimed. So much so that from the first hour of this Monday some of his unconditional fans have already been seen at the foot of the stage.

Marta, Laura and Raquel have been the most foresighted to ensure a good seat, in the front row, for the concert that Alborán will offer this Tuesday, October 11e, in the Aragonese capital. Loaded with chairs, backpacks and comfortable clothes They have already arrived this morning from Madrid and Donosti.

Your group is made up of a total of 15 persons arrivals from many other points of the Spanish geography and they have everything very well planned. “We’ve been on a lot of tours. We follow him a lot. This year we were lucky that there was no queuing. But yes, we already know how to organize ourselves because we know what the topic is about«, they count. Until the moment of the concert, the idea of ​​him goes through take turns in small groups that allow them to go get food, refreshments or access any toilet area.

Pablo Alborán’s concert will take place this Tuesday, October 11 | Photo: Carlos Burillo


And no, they were not wrong. Although there has been some confusion about whether the Alborán concert would take place on October 10 or 11 Due to an initial mistake in the party program, they were very clear about it. Aware that this first night, October 10, will be the time to The 40 Dance and its traditional Independence, they will have to reserve their seats for more than 24 hours. “We are going to give everything tonight as well. In the end we have come to enjoy. Since we come to see Pablo, we will enjoy everything else that there is, ”explains Marta.

Your reward, after all, will be to vibrate to the rhythm of the last concert that Alborán will foreseeably offer in Spain this 2022, before beginning his tour of Latin America and the United States. For this reason, as it is the last one, this Tuesday “I have missed you” or “If you had wanted to” will sound louder than ever during the Pilar Festival.

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More than 24 hours of camping: Pablo Alborán’s concert unleashes madness in Zaragoza – Aragón Digital