More Ice than Spice in Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ Remix – Odi O’Malley

The standard, the deluxe, the limited, the ‘3:00 A.M’the ‘Til Dawn’ and the ‘Late Night’. A few editions for the last disc of Taylor swiftOf course, it could be on its way to twenty million copies just by having sold one unit of each edition. Which is not the case: the record has 6.6 million global and the latest reissue could take it back to #1 in the US with around 250k this week.

And what does the umpteenth reissue of the album include? Well, the duo with King’s wool finally to current duet with King’s wool, ‘Different Hits’ and the remix of his new single, ‘Karma‘, next to Ice Spice. AND the truth is that they have been more icy than spicy. The song is not that it was one of our favorites on the other hand, quite a result ‘midnights‘, but we hoped that remixed would manage to have an extra punch. It is not the case, because if Taylor swift You already have that depressed emo energy at an electronic party on this whole stage, Ice Spice he just accentuates it by dragging his rap into what is practically a standard rephrasing of the original verses. Meh.

The video, as always, has its little details: Taylor appears dressed in Nemesisthe Greek goddess of retribution, with an indicative in Roman numerals at the base of herself, where we can read ‘1989‘. It’s not the only reference to the album, because when she holds a cup of coffee at the end of the clip, she also makes a mention of work. But be careful, because if one of the hands in that scene symbolizes that record, with the other it alludes to ‘Reputation‘, whose aesthetic also appears stylizing one of the pages of the book in which it appears swift during ‘Karma‘.

Wow, the only record he doesn’t even mention is a ‘Taylor Swift’, your debut. It is probably the least expected re-recording and everything indicates that it will be the final one: ‘Karma‘also establishes the close of the era’midnights‘ after four singles. The next project of Taylor will be the re-launch of ‘Speak Now‘ in July, with which he will continue with the tour that collects all his periods.

It will be your roll if: you had a Casio keyboard that you never knew how to use, you walked through the Las Vegas canals as excited as if it were the real Venice, you were a fan of Meredith Brooks.

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More Ice than Spice in Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ Remix – Odi O’Malley