Mónica Naranjo gathers 1,750 spectators as she passes through the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival

A total of 1,750 spectators, according to sources from the organization of the event to this newspaper, gathered last night at the foot of the Diagonal to applaud Mónica Naranjo. The singer achieved a beautiful sold-out as she passed through the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival in an intimate format, she built a concert for a little over an hour and a half where she paid homage to a much admired artist: the Italian Mina (1940), one of the greats interpreters from the transalpine country in the sixties and seventies, which he covered in the year 2000 in the album Minage. An album, as Naranjo herself told the Barcelona public yesterday, “for which I bet hard. And twenty years later – he added – here we are, following and reaching people’s hearts ”.

At another time of the night, Mónica Naranjo also wanted to dedicate her recital to the recently disappeared Raffaella Carrà, whom she pointed out as “one of the greats”. “I love you and I’m not going to forget you,” added the artist, who is also known as La pantera de Figueres. The Puro Minage tour, which began at the end of last year 2020, will land, among more cities, at the Sitges Jardins de Terramar Festival on August 7.

The singer achieved a beautiful sold-out in an intimate format

Josep Lago / Shooting

After a colorful instrumental intro, Llévate now (Portati via) began a tour of thirteen songs that would culminate with the powerful and choreographed final interpretation of Sobreviviré (Fiume azzurro), perhaps the most emblematic of how many Mónica Naranjo has recorded since her debut. in the record business back in 1994. A closing theme that he presented stating that “if I have learned something in this life, it is that you don’t have to survive, you have to live. So to live, guys, that life is precious. Be happy, ”he advised with good judgment.

Wearing up to four different suits-jackets – thus taking advantage of the videographic interludes where several fans explained what Minage had meant in their day and for them – our protagonist took the stage with the only company of the pianist Pepe Herrero. Among the first chimes of the day, a bitch in love (Io e te da soli) was recorded early in the morning, billed with accentuated drama, well appreciated by the public.

Concert by Monica Naranjo at the 9 festival Jardins de Pedralbes

A moment from Monica Naranjo’s concert


In the pleasant gardens of the city that host this festival, Mónica Naranjo included in her musical tour pieces so celebrated by the respectable as You were always mine (Here I am) y Loving madly (Ancora dolcemente), to face something later My life for a man (Iò vivrò senza te). Starting the encores, and together before the final fireworks with the aforementioned I will Survive, showed a healthy and contagious comic encore interpreting And I think about you.

A night of triumph, then, for Mónica Naranjo, who from the first moment had the unconditional adoration of the assistant staff, who literally applauded her with their hands and feet, since the audience did not stop kicking the wooden floor of the auditorium as a sign of approval, and of cheering with great passion the frequent vocal displays of the artist.