Mon Laferte: “Before women were only groupies, but now we also play” – La Tercera

After four months installed in Los Angeles (USA), Mon Laferte returned to Mexico at the end of July to resume his musical activities and prepare for his reunion with the public. His stay in California, yes, was not only relaxation and disconnection: according to account to Worship, took advantage of those days without concerts to compose and record his next album, the seventh of a discography with a dizzying rhythm and growing repercussion that has recorded four LPs in the last five years (the most recent, Six, released last March).

While waiting for that seventh studio work that she still does not want to give many details about, the singer from Viñamarina entertains her audience with a special session for Spotify released last Wednesday, for which she reverted her song Thin (“It was never a single but it has always been one of the strongest songs in concerts,” he explains) and brought the success of Billie Eilish to Spanish. Wish you were gay.

“I thought first of doing a cover of Billie Holiday, but then I thought that I always do covers of old music, one tends to cover things from the past. So I decided to look for something more current and I found another Billie. Maybe now with the cover he will know that I exist, that I like his music a lot, that I admire it a lot ”, says the national soloist who has gotten the most out of the era of streaming platforms, where half a decade ago he has been listed as the most listened to Chilean in the world.

For me this change in the world of music has been a blessing “, he assures. “When I first arrived in Mexico I remember going to record companies, bringing my music and it was super difficult. And when I saw that these platforms and social networks started strong, I understood that that was the way, independence, I could not believe that alone, self-managed, I could start with a career that little by little began to bear fruit. For me it was a wonder to have this new digital world and where we can all be “, he adds, in a kind of summary of what has been his last five years in music since My Laferte vol 1 (2015) turned it into a global phenomenon.

What can you anticipate about this new album you are working on? It is still surprising that he already has a new album ready just months after publishing. Six.

Yes (laughs), because there are no concerts I am very restless, all the time I am creating things. Indeed today (last Friday) I had the last listen to the master of what is going to be my next album. It’s a record that I made while in Los Angeles. I was there for four months, I arrived in Mexico City a month ago, and in that confinement in another city I wrote and recorded that whole album.

Now in September he begins a tour of the United States. Will they be your first concerts with an audience in the pandemic?

That’s how it is. On September 14 we started in Seattle, we continued throughout the United States until the end of October. We are going to cross the whole country in a bus, which are my favorite tours, it rests more than in the tours by plane. And it will be my first approach to the public after almost two years, I am dying of emotion. I had the last concert, closing my tour, at the beginning of 2020 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, so this year and a half has been an eternity, never in my life have I been so long without playing. I started singing when I was 13 years old and since then I have been singing every week, on the street or in bars, wherever I was.

In addition to the rise of digital platforms, looking back, do you think you have had a good time to be a musician? Now that women are leading the most interesting projects in music, do you feel part of that revolution?

Although it seems that yes, that women are being the protagonists of everything today, it is not so. For example, I play at many festivals and there are still many more projects for men than for women. Women’s participation often does not even reach 30 percent. But I do believe that we are on the way and there is an awareness that there are women making music and that we can be on stage. Before we were just the groupie but now we also play, and we are groupies and we do everything. That excites me. When I started singing I remember that I was always the only woman among all men, and today almost all of my team are women, not because I’m only looking for women but because there are already more women in the music industry, and that’s incredible. It is something that has been changing, we are no longer conditioned by gender but by what we do and our performance as professionals in the industry.

She recently told about her pregnancy on social networks, talked about the treatment she followed and said that sometimes it is difficult to reconcile artistic life with this new process. Is the industry still poorly prepared for women?

What I actually commented on my networks, and I am going to talk about myself personally, is that it was already very difficult for me, after being subjected to the stress of wanting motherhood and hormones for so long, to continue working, as they have done. and all the women who decide to work and be mothers continue to do. So (carrying) the two things in parallel is difficult, just as it is difficult to save it too, because in my case I have to continue giving interviews, making videos, generating content for my networks. And actually I feel terrible because I have nausea, my clothes do not cross, I feel fat and I am super hormonal. All those complexities.

For me it was a great relief to tell people and tell them “I’m doing all this in my work but also all this I’m doing in this state.” Because I am not the same, this is a new version of me that I did not know. I think that is the difference that women have: that we decide on motherhood and continue working, and those of us in the music industry are like public people who have to take care of an image or something like that.

Sisterhood among women in music, fostering cooperation instead of competition to which artists are often pushed, is it something that particularly worries you? That image in his last show at the Viña Festival, when he invited 50 female musicians to come on stage, was a powerful statement.

It is something that I have been learning, because before I was the only woman in a group and every time another woman arrived they told me things like “uh, they are going to take your place away.” And you get used to that idea, to think that I have to work twice as hard because there is only room for one. That has now changed and I think it is good that these things happen like what happened in Viña, where on the contrary, there was space for everyone. I am very sorry today that with all my friends, colleagues and colleagues we get along very well, we invite each other and we support each other, because it cannot be that there is only room for one. In addition, it is nice to be at festivals or in dressing rooms with friends and talk about things that suddenly one cannot speak with their colleagues, because they do not have the empathy to understand, no matter how much they love you.

Even the fact of covering Billie Eilish can be understood as a gesture of sisterhood, right? Until not long ago it was unthinkable or at least unusual for one artist to cover another’s hit.

I think you have to take music for what it is, the genre is somewhat obsolete for me. Billie is a young artist that I like and I want to sing a song by her, nothing more should matter than that.