Molotov stars in a fight with the Chilean band Les Miserables in full concert

Molotov is giving something to talk about, after a video went viral in which they apparently have a confrontation with Les Miserables, a Chilean band, this during the Renace Festival, which took place a few days ago in Espacio Marina, Concepción, a town in Chile.

According to information shared on social networks, the incident occurred on October 2, although it is just going viral, after several fans shared some videos through TikTok, generating various comments.

What happened between Molotov and Les Miserables?

According to what was said by several witnesses, apparently, the conflict began because the members of Molotov wanted to make their respective soundcheck, but they found that their colleagues from Les Miserables were on stage, presumably occupying a space that did not belong to them.

That is why the aggressions began, although for his part, the Chilean band has argued that the Mexicans were three hours late for said sound check, which caused them to not be able to do it on time.

In the video you can see how part of the staff (although it is not clear if they are from Molotov or Les Miserables) goes on stage to start removing the instruments found on it.l, later more people and the musicians themselves arrive.

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According to statements by Claudio García, from Les Miserables, it was the Mexicans who started the conflict. Hours later, the Chileans issued a statement to explain the situation. “You can’t call yourself a professional if you come up three hours late to test sound and drunk, much less if you’re already around 60 years old, right? We have played with great bands like Ska-p, La polla Records, Negu Gorriak, Reincidentes, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Ataque 77 and many more. Smells of the bourgeoisie and pretends to be rock stars”, indicated the writing of the Chilean band.

The reaction of Micky Huidobro, Molotov’s bassist

After the situation went viral, Micky Huidobro, bassist of the Mexican band, reacted to a publication on social networks, clarifying that things happened differently from how it has been described by some media.

“If they are reporters, they attend the event, they played 20 minutes more than they had to play by contract, obviously they turned off their equipment. Is that why I have to reveal my people? Should I play less time if we have a set limit? I do not remember any journalist doing work, “said the musician.

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Molotov stars in a fight with the Chilean band Les Miserables in full concert