June 10, 2021

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Miley Cyrus celebrates the 8th anniversary of the video that changed everything

Miley Cyrus celebrates the 8th anniversary of the video that

Miley Cyrus He has celebrated it in style. As only an anniversary can be celebrated. And it is not every day that the foundations of the American music industry are shaken by wearing only gray underwear and a white T-shirt that reads West Coast. It was 8 years ago, in 2013, when the course of his musical career would change to never be the same again thanks to We can’t stop Y Bangerz.

It was his first album with a completely different sound from the previous three. And if we talk about attitude … nothing to do with your profile Hannah Montana left the factory Disney. A high-profile break, as break-ups should be, and a vindication of his own personality that was marked by controversy.

Because We can’t stop It was not just another video with a change of image and sound. It was the starting gun to the popularization of twerking, to the shameless vindication of the woman’s body to be able to do what she wants when she wants and how she wants. The video was censored. His performance in the delivery of the MTV VMAs generated millions of controversial comments.

If we add to that the meaning of her lyrics, it is clear that the objective was not to leave anyone indifferent: “It depends on who listens to it. If it is a ten-year-old girl, you will hear” dancing with Miley “, but if it is someone who He has tried it, he will know what I am talking about. I have grown up, and if you Google my name you will see the kind of things I do now, and that is what the song talks about “Miley Cyrus explained in his day about his lyrics and drugs like ecstasy.

“8 YEARS OF BEING AMERICA’S FAVORITE ANTI HERO! 🐻 👅 #WeCantStopAnniversary 4ever grateful to @mikewillmadeit for this banger!” (“8 years being America’s favorite antiheroine. #AnniversaryWeCantStop I will always be grateful to Mike Will Made it for this backfire”) Miley wrote.

All this thanks to the first single of what was his fourth album. The first with his new record label. A bombshell preceded by this single whose video was full of cultural references in the United States and with a glamor representative of a whole generation of young people.

We can’t stop arrived at number 1 of LOS40 on October 5, 2013 also sweeping all the lists he stepped on. Much of the credit Miley Cyrus has always shared with her producer Mike Will-Made It with whom she shared the song. The experimentation with sound brought Miley closer to the urban sounds that until now she had hardly touched. A starting gun for what would come later where he has shown that his voice adapts to rock, electronic music, folk, country registers …

And as with almost all the great songs in history, this one contains more curiosities that were revealed over time. Like that the hit was initially planned for Rihanna and that the one from Barbados didn’t even listen to it because she preferred to stay with Pour it up.

The most sexualized version of Miley earned her a lot of criticism but it also helped her gain many followers who valued her authenticity, her risk in breaking so radically with the above and transgressing through sex, something that had worked very well for other artists such as Madonna. 8 years ago the We can’t stop that he has celebrated on his social networks but also the Wrecking ball with which he also burst the sales lists.