Mijares resumes 25-year-old romance with famous businesswoman

Recently, Manuel Mijares has been very well accompanied during an event in Mexico organized by the Embassy of Qatar of the Aztec country. The journalist with the daily Record from that country, Franco Shooter, would have revealed who the new girlfriend of the 63-year-old singer is and it would be the businesswoman Lupita de la Vega, with whom she has been seen during some other public events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, held in November at CDM.

Manuel Mijares and Pita de la Vega©Custom
Manuel Mijares and Pita de la Vega

Although little is known of his love affairs after his break with Lucero in 2011, Mijares would be giving himself a new sentimental opportunity with “Pita” de la Vega, sister of Alejandra de la Vega, owner of the Los Bravos de Juárez soccer team, daughters of the late businessman Federico de la Vega Matthews.

According to data from Herald of Mexico, “Pita” manages the businesses that his father left in Grupo de la Vega, among which are: Almacenes Distribuidores de la Frontera (Del Río, Supperette and Oasis convenience stores), Inmobiliaria de la Vega, Altec Purificación (Agua Alaska) , Operadora Alpic (Domino’s Pizza) and Gasolineras Petrol.

Another fact that has transpired in various Mexican media is that Mijares and de la Vega had already been dating for almost three decades and that they were even a couple before the singer began his romance with Lucero, whom he married in 1997.

Until a few months ago, the followers of Mijares and Lucero were somewhat enthusiastic Because the two began to interact more often by promoting their concert via streaming “Always Friends” and seeing them together on television shows.

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Mijares resumes 25-year-old romance with famous businesswoman