Mick Mars retires from the stage and concerts with Mötley Crüe

According to Variety, the guitarist mickey mars of Motley Crue he retires from the stage and will no longer tour with the group that gave him fame. She will still be considered a member of the band but, as long as there are no new recordings, this seems to be just an honorary or respectful thing.

Mick’s representative said: “Mick Mars, co-founder and lead guitarist of the band from heavy metal Mötley Crüe for the past 41 years, has announced today that, due to his painful battle with ankylosing spondylitis, he will no longer be able to tour with the band. Mick will continue as a member of the gang, but he can no longer withstand the rigors of the road. Ankylosing spondylitis is an extremely painful and paralyzing degenerative disease that affects the spine.

According to the RAE, what the guitarist suffers, as we could read in the biographical book the dirtis a “spine disease caused by the loss of articular cartilage and calcification of the intervertebral discs, with fusion of the vertebrae and reduced mobility”.

The replacement has not yet been made official, but the name of John 5who coincidentally was a few weeks ago with Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee spending a few days in Mexico on the occasion of the latter’s 60th birthday.

In 2013 the singer Vince Neill said: “Mick’s health is not good and touring is difficult for him. I’m sure five or ten years from now we’ll do something together again, but it won’t be like a KISS farewell, kind of a farewell farewell…and another tour. We won’t do the same.” (It goes without saying that the last thing could have been kept quiet given what they have done in recent years).

Tommy Lee -drums- could also have kept his mouth shut, because around that time he commented: “Mick is getting progressively worse and it’s painful for him, so he doesn’t want to be on tour much longer. The last thing we want to do is date a guy hired to play guitar, that’s crazy. So we want to bid farewell to the original musicians and say goodbye.”

mickey mars, who is 71, has battled ankylosing spondylitis since his teens and commented in 2008 that he had to give up playing guitar for two years during which Mötley Crüe was at a standstill: “I was on medication and drugs so much then that I knew I If he didn’t stop, he was going to die. In the end I had to go to a neuropsychiatrist to straighten me out, and he said, ‘Just hold the guitar for an hour a day, don’t play it, just hold it.’ It was kind of weird, but that’s how I got over that streak.’”

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Mick Mars retires from the stage and concerts with Mötley Crüe