Michel Camilo: “Meeting the public alone is a great challenge”

Michael Camilo he returns to his homeland. This time she will do the concert”Michael Camilo Solo”, title of the show that will be presented on October 29, at 8:30 pm, at the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

In an interview granted to Diario Libre from New York, the artist, who has just completed a series of international commitments, acknowledged: “I am very happy to be able to return to my land, share what we are doing internationally and say that we were recently presenting ourselves to solo piano at the Blue Note in Tokyo, Japan. That was a wonderful experience because the first night we also did it through live streaming, ”he recounted.

Thus, he remembers with gratitude the reception and the impact that his career has had in Japan.

“I have done all my projects in Japan, from the jazz to the symphonic In fact, my next visit there will be in May for the premiere of my second symphonic work”.

The winner of international awards such as the Grammy for American music, as well as the Latin Grammy, is pleased with the reunion because it also occurs after the pandemic.

Michael Camilo will take the public on a musical journey through its varied repertoire.

the classic, jazz traditional and the jazz Latino have marked his career. In trio, band, solo or duet format with the legendary Tomatito, Michael Camilo He has been accredited as a pianist of unquestionable quality.

“We already have 24 recordings, three of which have been solo piano. But that night we are not only going to perform songs from those albums, but individual titles, ”he commented.

“Live in London”, an award-winning album, is his most recent public work, although he is already in the process of getting ready for his next recording.

A challenge

No matter how long an artist has been on stage, it always causes nerves to be in front of their audience.

This time will not be the exception, much more so because he will be solo, accompanied by his grand piano.

“Encountering the public alone is a great challenge for any pianist. Maintain people’s interest, for an hour and a half, with only one instrument, you have to have a range of colors, a kind of complete rainbow, of textures, of rich touch on the instrument”, he said.


In addition, he confesses that before doing a concert, the preparation process involves meditation.

“I go on stage after reviewing everything. It is as if it were a shopping list and there are at least 30 pieces that I take and depending on the moment, we add. I believe a lot in the spirit of the moment, as one of my songs is called. The jazz captures an unrepeatable moment in which he meets the public”, he argued.

Deep feelings come together at the moment when he is performing his music.

“I go on stage completely clear about what I’m going to do, I let the sound flow. At one point I become the protagonist of myself, it’s as if I separated from the piano, I let myself go. That becomes a sacred space,” she mused.

A dream

He assured that he had the dream of being able to do this piano concert alone, because, although he has done concerts a duet here and has played solo piano, but with the occasional guest, this will be a very special occasion.

“So many years of career and, remember, I have never been here the whole night with the public, because I am always accompanied. It’s something I do all over the world, then from here I’ll go to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to perform at the Rincón del Jazz“, held. he


Upon completing his performance at the National Theater, he will go to Spain, where the first performances of what will be his next international tour will begin.

Symphonic works have been the perfect complement to his international achievements. That is why the jazz and classical music are always present in his concerts and in your diary.

His journey through music

Reviewing his steps in art, he recalled the time when, together with his wife Sandra, they worked at the La Fuente Theater of the Jaragua hotel, where they raised money to go to New York to pursue their dreams.

“Sandra used to sing with me at La Fuente, we stayed there for a year to make the necessary savings. We made a plan to develop our dream, she has been my great partner in our business, she is my manager, my great supporter and great critic. She sits to watch my concerts and there he evaluates me. The balance has been very positive, “she said.

Journalist. Sub-Editor of Magazine in Diario Libre. President of the Dominican Academy of Art and Entertainment Journalists (Adopae)

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Michel Camilo: “Meeting the public alone is a great challenge”