Mia Khalifa: The day they caught the influencer crying during the Karol G concert

Mia Khalifa decided to attend a concert Carol G without thinking about all the emotions that his admiration for the singer would unleash.

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It is no surprise to anyone that on different occasions Mia Khalifa has made his musical tastes known, especially towards Carol G. In that sense, the model attended one of her concerts that she gave in the United States and was caught crying emotionally when she was able to meet one of her favorite artists.

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Mia Khalifa is moved to tears

During one of his presentations in the United States, Carol G performed one of the most emotional songs he has, entitled “Boat”without thinking about all that it would unleash among its public, especially in Mia Khalifa.

While Carol G performed his song, some people focused on the reaction of Mia Khalifawho was very attentive listening to the melody, when suddenly she let some tears fall, apparently from emotion.

Definitely, Mia Khalifa he was moved to tears after listening to one of the most important songs he has Carol Gin addition to being able to feel very happy to meet one of his favorite singers.

The same way, Mia Khalifa did not miss the opportunity to meet Carol G when the whole show ended, and they spent a very special moment with each other.

Mia Khalifa, Latin music lover

on different occasions Mia Khalifa He has been seen through his social networks very comfortable with Latin music, especially those of the urban genre, which is the specialty of his partner, Jay Cortez.

There are several videos that he publishes. Mia Khalifa dancing and enjoying the urban genre and Latin music, making her stand out as a true fan.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that Mia Khalifa He was the protagonist of one of the video clips of Jay Cortez with which both decided to make their relationship official, during a concert given by the singer.

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Mia Khalifa: The day they caught the influencer crying during the Karol G concert