Mexican singer Eugenia León will perform in concert in Cuba

The Mexican singer Eugenia Leonawarded a Latin Grammy Award for musical excellence in 2016, will be presented this Saturday in the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater of Cuba.

The artist herself shared on her official Facebook account the post of her concert in Havana, sponsored by the Island Ministry of Cultureas part of the activities of the 30th International Book Fairwhich has Mexico as guest of honor country.

More of 2,400 people reacted to the interpreter’s publication of songs like “La Paloma” and “October Moon” and they left messages of affection, since this will be their first presentation in Cuba in five years. “Welcome back, I love your music and I hope to attend the concert,” said a netizen.

“Excellent that you give a concert there and people are given some happiness, with the oppression they always live in that forces them to flee to Miami or any other place”, “How lucky to be able to enjoy your voice and your presence! My best wishes to make it an unforgettable night for those who are there”, “A blessing to receive her in Cuba, many successes in the concert”, added other users of the social network.

León’s first presentation on the island was in 2017as part of VI Meeting of Popular Voicesa festival chaired by the Cuban singer Fragoso Algeria and that on that occasion also included the Spanish interpreter Rosana.

His relationship with Cuba is much older than his first concert in Cuba, since within his repertoire he has included songs by great composers of the country, among the singer-songwriter Paul Milanes. He has also covered songs by renowned Latin American musicians such as Fito Paez, Victor Jara and Joan Manuel Serrat.

The Mexican singer is considered one of the most important in her land and has more than 30 albums to her credit, including I love you like this, tyrantY mexican heart. The authorities of her nation have awarded her numerous times and even named the theater of the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Cultural Center, in the Mexican municipality of Tlalnepantla, in her honor. where the singer was born in 1956.

“In my life I only have one word: gratitude, which has the same Latin root as the word thank you; thank you thank you very much! Tlalnepantla was always a place of encounter and passage. Arrive, leave Here a young man from Veracruz and a woman from Queretaro arrive from outside and meet; her loves create progeny, and in her… me. My childhood is full of images, sounds, smells and flavors of a provincial Tlalnepantla and, therefore, charming, “said the interpreter on that occasion.

León is recognized for the peculiar timbre of her voice, cataloged as mezzo-soprano by specialists. His first big performance was in 1984, when she won first place in the OTI song festivalwhich also projected his career internationally.

The artist has strong political views in favor of Latino immigrants and opposed the visit made by former United States President Donald Trump to his country in 2018invited by the then president Enrique Pena Nieto.

“I would not like to send messages to politicians, but it is a disapproval to have invited Trump, with him we will continue to suffer depredation, he is a bad example for the new generations, that of lies and corruption, we have to change that structure for those who aspire to any government,” he stated at the time.

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Mexican singer Eugenia León will perform in concert in Cuba