Metallica: The song of the band that Lars Ulrich does not want to play

The drummer of the band Metallica He was encouraged to tell about the songs of his group, and surprised his fans by revealing that he is not satisfied with all of them and that there is one in particular that he dislikes.

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Lars Ulrich’s statements of Metallica about the song of the band that he does not like and why he does not listen to his music has caused great surprise in his followers. On many occasions, we fans tend to yearn for the old songs with which our favorite artists became famous. We ask that you perform them as they are, without any changes during your concert performances as their melodies have been engraved in our hearts. However, the truth is that there are great music stars who hate following the same rhythm because “it bores them”, and there are others who simply never liked it, as is the case with Ulrich.

the founder of Metallica, was encouraged to talk about the wide repertoire of his group and the singles that led them to fame and glory in the heavy metal genre. However, he also indicated that he is not satisfied with all of them.

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During an interview on the Volturi portal, Lars revealed that there is a song by the group that he hates and does not want to play. “There’s a song called ‘Eye of the Beholder’ on the …And Justice for All album. When I listen to that song, it sounds – without meaning to be disrespectful – a bit forced. It sounds like you want to put a square inside a circle. It seems that it had two different tempos. A 4/4 feel in the intro and verses and then some choruses that sound more like a waltz tempo. It sounds like two worlds rubbing against each other. I find it very uncomfortable. I’m not a fan of that song”, he indicated.

Meanwhile, in another interview, the metalhead said that his favorite song is “Sad But True”. “I love playing that song and I play it a little differently every time. I love the time you have. In turn, I love giving it a different interpretation when I play it.” he pointed.

Metallica: Lars Ulrich reveals that he does not listen to his songs

The renowned drummer also commented that he does not usually listen to the music of Metallica , since he is usually very analytical. “It’s almost impossible for me to listen to a Metallica song without saying, ‘Okay, how’s the sounds, how’s the mix, how’s the guitar? The voice is too strong, the bass is too thunderous. It becomes an analysis exercise. When you listen to your favorite band, like if I listen to Rage Against the Machine or something, I just go with the flow. But when Metallica shows up it’s like, ‘Huh?’” he specified.

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Metallica: The song of the band that Lars Ulrich does not want to play