Metallica: Robert Trujillo reveals which concert moments make him most proud –

December 5, 2021 12:29 pm
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It is important when you reach a certain age to continue being enthusiastic about what you do, something that will not be very complicated in a family full of musicians, such as the bassist of Metallica Robert Trujillo, whose wife recently released a new album or if son Tye, which is part of Blue Weekend next to the stem of Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots).

In an interview for MMA Junkie, Robert Trujillo He spoke of the so-called “scribbles”, that peculiar improvisation that they usually add to the concerts of the last tours. In case anyone still does not know what we are talking about, we refer to those songs by local artists that Trujillo Y Hammett they perform at every concert, often away from metal. A nod to the faithful who are used to introducing just before the solo of “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” and that is frequently limited to guitar and bass, with the occasional Trujillo.

In this sense, the man in charge of the four strings of the men in black has elaborated thus: “Some of my favorite moments were with Kirk on the last European tour playing in those huge football stadiums things that were local to those cities or countries. I give you an example. In Paris, France, at the Stade de France we played a Johnny Hallyday song to 85,000 people. Nobody knows what we are going to do, as if we were street musicians ”.

A process in which Trujillo does not skimp on details: “Lars and James take a break, we go out there, Kirk has his guitar and I have my bass. We still have to say: “Where is the hat? Where do we put the money? ” It is like that, devoid of everything, completely bareback. And in that way we started playing “Ma Gueule” by Johnny Hallyday. I can tell you that people were in shock, but in a good way. There was crying and laughter and it was even on the news. “

That the bass player enjoyed that moment is quite clear: “There was a lot of that in the cities and countries that we toured in Europe. We would choose an artist and do a version, sometimes between two and a half minutes or three minutes. I sing in the language of the country, so it’s a real challenge. We are talking about places like Romania, Poland, Spain, Portugal or Sweden, I have even sung in Swedish. That was one of the peaks of my career as a musician, especially in Metallica, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again. Sometimes I think about it and say, “Man, you were crazy, Kirk and I were crazy, yeah.” This happened just before the pandemic and we called it duets. Duets from overseas, something very big for me on a personal level ”.

Surely few in the peninsula forget that moment in which they started with the “Vamos muy bien” de Obús The the memory of Los Nikis and Peret. Who knows if we will live similar moments at the next Mad Cool Festival led by Metallica with Muse, Deftones or Faith No More.


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Metallica: Robert Trujillo reveals which concert moments make him most proud –