Mercilessly, they point to Cazzu for “lying” to Nodal about “pregnancy”

Christian Nodal Y Cazzu They have been the target of controversy in recent weeks after circulating the alleged pregnancy of the “Argentina”, something that users on social networks have been responsible for analyzing, concluding that the alleged “baby” would not be the son of “Sonoran“.

In the midst of the controversial news, the trials towards the notorious state of “pregnancy” of the “Christian Nodal’s girlfriend“They have not stopped causing various reactions, some apparently discredit that he could be the son of the native of Caborca, who was recently highlighted with”double platinum” for “We are no longer, nor will we be”.

Although so far neither the Argentine rapper nor the “Sonoran“They have clarified the rumors about this controversial news which circulated for a few days after the interpreter of “Nena Trampa” appeared during the Premios Juventud 2022 where what seemed to be an innocent gesture by the interpreter spread the theories.

Emilia Cazzuchelli, known in the artistic world as “Cazzu”, was caught bringing her hands to her belly at multiple times while modeling before the cameras in the midst of her presence at this event in which she arrived without the “composer“.

However, after all the flurry that has been generated after these versions, the Fama magazine refers to the constant criticism that this has derived from the native of Ledesma, Argentina, for allegedly “cheating” Christián Jesús González Nodal.

Likewise, the magazine indicates that users would support this version after she and the “former judge of The Voice“Just two months are known, in the past month of June, while the composer could be 4 months pregnant”.

Without any mercy, the reactions totally disapprove of the alleged “deception” by the also “Argentine director” who they would even point to as “infidelity” towards the “mariacheño“.

“There is a rumor that Cazzu’s pregnancy is someone else’s and not Nodal’s. Cazzu wants to stamp Nodal’s pregnancy, why is that? Do you think Cazzu is using Nodal?” reads a video shared by Tik Tok user @sab4zo.

This, “after responding to a comment in which a fan is surprised by how long they claim to have been pregnant”

So far, the Sonoran, born on January 11, 1999, Christian Jesús González Nodal has not given any statement about his personal life, nor regarding his current relationship.

Even less about the alleged possibility of becoming a father, something that he, “Belinda’s ex-fiancé”, has stated in past interviews how much he longs for.

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Mercilessly, they point to Cazzu for “lying” to Nodal about “pregnancy”