Melody, 20 years after ‘The gorilla dance’: what is she doing now, who was her boyfriend and what is her real name


20 years have passed since Melody released his first single The gorilla dance. At just 11 years old, the little girl managed to make the subject become the song of summer 2001. Now, he has grown but his talent is still evident and he has an extensive musical career. This is how the singer is now.

The summer 2001 it was the summer of The gorilla dance. It was when we met Melody, a girl of 11 years who taught us to dance to the rhythm of primates.

That summer was the beginning of a musical career that 20 years later, already with 31 years, has not given up. To the singer from Seville, whose real name is Melody Ruiz Gutiérrez, the rhythm runs through his veins. His father is the musician Lorenzo Ruiz Molina placeholder image, member of the group Kiyos, cwith whom has shared the stage on numerous occasions. And his brother is Eleazar Ruiz, with whom he formed the group Angel 2.

Melody: brilliant artistic career

The gorilla dance It was his first big hit, to which he has never turned his back. “It is a great song. I think it will never go out of style. It continues to be sung and it continues to be shared. I feel super proud of what this song has achieved, of what it is and what it means for many people and for many children, “he said last August in an interview with The country.

Such is his pride that today he is still singing the song and jokes with him on his Instagram stories. However, this is not the only success of the little singer. Melody has his own record label. “I decided to record on my own because I think it was the healthiest thing, the best to continue there. And I think we have gotten quite right,” he said in that same interview.

In this time, Melody has released six albums in which he has sung pop, ballads, rock and even reggaeton. The last album was released in 2014 under the title of A long way to go, which includes some of his most famous songs such as Written on the wall, my name is on your skin, or the single that baptizes the album itself. Later he continued to publish singles, two of the last are: Rúmbame, launched in 2020, and Lawless, which arrived in September 2021 with the intention of being a hit.

Also in the musical field, but television, it should be noted that in 2013 Melody became the first guest of the first edition of Your face is familiar to me. His success was such that he became a contestant on the third season of the contest. It was the winner of its edition.

Melody has also lent her to the soundtrack of Disney movies such as Hercules, or for soap operas like Passionate women. She also works as a model, has been the image of important beauty brands and had a video blog to share her day-to-day with her followers.

Who is Gabriel Coronal, your ex-partner?

Melody is single, happy and focused on music. It is one of the statements he made after it became known in February 2021 that the singer and her boyfriend, Gabriel Coronal, had broken up. “I no longer have a boyfriend. Now I’m single because they say it’s fashionable,” she confirmed herself, and assured that the distance has been a big problem, coupled with the pandemic, it had been a problem for the relationship they started in 2018.

“I’m fine, focused on my music. Life has shown me in these months what I need and what I don’t need, and what I want and what I don’t want”, assured at that time.

Gabriel Coronal is a Venezuelan actor, singer, model, and musician from 34 years, which has an extensive artistic and musical career. As an actor he has participated in series such as We are you and me (2007), We are you and me: a new day (2008), and in soap operas like Dangerous Relationships, Husband for Rent, Queen of Hearts, and The Lord of the Skies. His first record, Naked, saw the light in the year 2013, and his best known singles Chao Pescao and Echar pa ‘alante were released in 2018.

It was that same year the first time that the Venezuelan actor spoke publicly about his girlfriend, now a former partner, Melody. The best time to officially present it? The release of one of the singer’s singles. “What a good song and what a good video,” Gabriel Coronal commented in his publication through his Instagram account. Days later he published a photograph of the two kissing, and in the caption a declaration of love: “I love you.”

The singer also confirmed the relationship during an interview with Toñi Moreno in which she was deeply in love. In it he declared that he got on very well with the actor: “He is beautiful, he is a great actor, a wonderful artist, they want him throughout Latin America and the United States, but for me the most important thing is the beauty of the interior.”

Six years later came the break that the actor confirmed by talking about the problem of distance. “The same distance has separated us a bit. We remain in contact, she is a wonderful person, I have nothing bad to say about her, but the issue of distance has been very complicated and more in a pandemic, that you cannot travel” , said the artist.

Here you can see the couple when they were still together.

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Melody, 20 years after ‘The gorilla dance’: what is she doing now, who was her boyfriend and what is her real name