Melissa Etheridge’s emotional farewell to David Crosby, the biological father of her children, whom she chose as a donor over Brad Pitt: “He gave me the gift of the family”



david crosbyone of the most influential rock singers of the 1960s and 1970s, and famous for having been part of bands like The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, He died this Thursday, at the age of 81.. The news was released by her family, through a statement that was published by Variety. “It is with great sadness, after a long illness, that our beloved David Crosby has passed away. He was lovingly surrounded by wife and soul mate Jan and his son Django. Although he is no longer here with us, his humanity and kind soul will continue to guide and inspire us. His legacy will live on through his legendary music. Peace, love and harmony to all who knew David and those whom he touched. We will miss him very much. At this time, we respectfully and kindly ask for privacy as we grieve and try to deal with our profound loss. Thanks for the love and prayers.”

One of her closest colleagues and friends, Melissa EtheridgeHe also fired him on his social networks. “I am saddened by the loss of my friend, and Bailey and Beckett’s biological father, David. He gave me the gift of family. I will always be grateful to him, Django and Jan. His music and legacy will inspire many generations to come. A true treasure,” she wrote, along with a photo in which she can be seen sharing a musical moment.

In 2000, after years of refusing to speak to the media on the subject, Etheridge revealed that Crosby had donated his sperm to conceive the two children of the singer and film director Julie Cypher. “We get so tired of being silent. we run out And keeping this great secret goes against how we choose to live our lives, very openly, “explained the singer in an interview published by Rolling Stone magazine.

There, he also referred to the relationship that his children had with their biological father: “In due time, at a distance, they are proud of who their genetic father is. And that’s great “. The singer also revealed that it was the wife of her colleague who had the idea for him to be her donor, when the two couples met on a vacation in Hawaii.

“It came from her, which was the best and most perfect way to start the process. For one, they are genes that come from music, which means a lot to me. Also, I really admire David’s work. But he has his own life and his own family,” Etheridge explained.

Brad Pitt, the discarded donor

The musician, however, was not the only celebrity who offered to be a donor: Brad Pitt He did it too, but was rejected by the singer. The offer of the protagonist of Seven It occurred in the late 90s, when he was in a relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow. Much later, she explained why she decided to drop the proposal: “I saw how much Brad wanted a family and I thought, ‘I don’t want to share this with someone who wants kids too much because my kids won’t need another parent,'” she explained.

Etheridge and Pitt had been a couple a few years earlier, and after the breakup, they maintained a close friendship. “My kids now look at me and say, ‘We could have been ridiculously handsome,'” the singer joked.

a family tragedy

Just as Etheridge was one of the first celebrities in the American gay community to share her path to motherhood with the public, she also chose to speak out at the hardest moment of her life: Beckett’s death in 2020, at age 21. .

” Today I joined the hundreds of thousands of families who have lost a loved one to opioid addiction. My son Beckett, who was only 21, struggled to overcome his addiction and finally succumbed to it today. He will be missed by those who love him, his family and his friends, ”Etheridge reported at the time on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Melissa Etheridge’s emotional farewell to David Crosby, the biological father of her children, whom she chose as a donor over Brad Pitt: “He gave me the gift of the family”