Meet Sobresoma, the new Dominican rock and roll band

The music is diverse. In the Dominican Republic, different genres coexist, the native ones and those from other lands, for all kinds of audiences.

In the field of rock and rollhe, the blues and the soul four are found young dreamers who threw themselves into music.

This is the band Rock And Roll oversomewhich debuts on the Dominican music scene.

Enthusiastic, fun and with a well-defined north, “being a band of Rock And Roll on a global scale”, oversome is headed by guitarists and singers Mark Pion22 years old and Henry Garcia 19 years old; the drummer Stephen Pena 22 years old, drummer and bassist Diego Venegasof 19.

with a wave vintage (in seventies fashion) and influenced by The Beatles, the boys participated in the recent edition of the The Pineapple Ball Festivalwhich took place at the end of September at Playa Montesino, being a great accolade for his proposal.

At the same time, they sing and promote their singles in English and Spanish. “Flowers Y “Pain”the latter with a video recorded largely around the caves of Mirador Sur Park.

The members of oversome they visited Free Journal and they abounded in his proposal, what he has achieved so far, dreams and influences.

“The Pineapple Ball has been an incredible experience. It was the first time we participated in that musical ecosystem”, highlights Marcos Pion.

they dared

Upon finishing high school, Marco, the founder, was presented with several options. First, he traveled to Europe to play soccer and then went to the United States to study International Business with a scholarship at a prestigious university.

But he decided to return to the Dominican Republic to pursue his dream of being a musician. “After returning from the USA and leaving the scholarship behind, I was lost for a year or so, until I went back to study International Business, but I definitely left it,” says the enthusiastic young man in an interview with Free Journal.

Of the local bands, young people admire Solo Fernández. (FELIX LEON)

Then he decided and dared. He narrates that his thing was music and he began to write and play, while working in a musical instrument store.

“A man, Aldo, who has a very iconic store among musicians here called Aldoblar Guitar Trade wrote to me saying that he was looking for someone to promote”recounts.

In the store he took the opportunity to rehearse with two employees and thus begins to shape the band. At that moment, Stephen Pena begins to go to the store, who also made music.

Peña, the drummer, went to rehearsals at Aldoblar Guitar Trade and they began what was finally born as oversome.

With Henry GarciaMarcos Pion says, they got in touch in August 2020 when they saw him demonstrating his talent on Instagram.

Enrique was in another project with Diego Venegas and they rehearsed in the same place mentioned. “That’s when my guitarist leaves and then we fire the bassist from our band and they fire their drummer,” says Marcos.

Then they recruited the boys, Diego and Enrique.

To this, the second oldest of the group, Esteban Peña, adds: “Both bands left guitarists simultaneously and we finally came together.”

“From there the dream team was born (dream team)points out Enrique Garcia.

About The Pineapple Ball

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Sobresoma promotes the songs “Pain” and “Flores”. (FELIX LEON)

They played at the beginning of the year at the Carnival Market at the Fray Antonio de Montesinos Monument, an event organized by 809 Mercado and Drink Hunters by United Brands, which they greatly appreciate.

They say that Pineapple Ball was “The Festival” in the sense of the important international and local bands that participated and with whom they had the pleasure of interacting.

“It was a really cool experience,” they said in unison.

why the name of oversome?

Pion details that the name, mission and concept was created three years ago. He says the idea of ​​what the band is and where it wants to go is years in the making.

“Soma comes from a book by Aldous Huxley called Brave New World, which deals with a substance that was given to the population in dystopia that keeps them numb, without motivation. And Soma is like freedom, awakening”.

“Sobresoma is something that is above”, Esteban Peña abounds.

rhythms and influences

The boys do pure Rock And Roll. This is how they were described. What they do is this genre in essence.

They recognize that they incorporate a bit of blues and soul. “Marcos Pion and I, who are guitarists, are more influenced by classic blues guitarists like Roy Buchanan, Mike Bloomfield and blues artists from 1940”, highlights Enrique García.

They identify with The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Jonas Brothers.

They took it as a joke and smiled, but they don’t rule out being called The Dominican Beatles, given that they are a quartet and because of their striking way of dressing.

Two questions that have been asked are the following: Are they Dominican? Why make this music? Yes, they are dominicans. In the case of Venegas, his father is a Chilean musician and Peña has Venezuelan roots. “Music is completely universal. There is no need to be segregated. We are a rock band in the Dominican Republic,” they affirm.

“Something great can come from here”points out Diego Venegas.

what’s next

“Everything has its pace. First, we want to break into the country, then in Latin America, Europe, Japan,” Esteban Peña projects.

They are heading to “be the band of Rock And Roll largest on the planet.

Of the Dominican artists, the work of Solo Fernández and Colao stand out.

oversome mentions that he writes his own songs and, in fact, the musicians proudly highlight that in their presentations, including bars, they have sung all the songs of their own, that is, without covers.

Of the new that it brings oversome it is “Cheap Music and Society”who already sang it in some shows.

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Meet Sobresoma, the new Dominican rock and roll band