Meet Gale, the singer-songwriter who wrote her first song at age seven

Born in Puerto Rico, galle He always knew that his path was music. And unlike other children who first think of one profession and then another, the 29-year-old never doubted that she wanted to be a singer and she fought until she achieved her greatest desire; even, when she was very young, she composed her first single. “Always, since I’m right, I have that connection with music,” she revealed to herself. People in spanish.

“I always, always, always knew that I wanted to be a singer, an artist, it was to sing. I had no idea how I was going to do it; I simply knew that this was my task in life and that this was what I was going to prepare for. And That’s how it was,” he continued. “I wrote my first song at seven years old and started a diary at six, I was a very passionate girl and connected to my feelings from a very young age.”

The talent she showed since she was little carolina isabella, real name, and having a musician grandfather, made her parents support her and sent her to prepare. “I grew up in a house with music; my grandfather was a musician. My parents always noticed that passion I had and felt for music; so, they enrolled me in the free music school, which is a specialized classical music school in Puerto Rico” , he mentioned. “I learned a lot. Many Puerto Rican artists such as Kany García, Daddy Yankee, Gilberto Santarosa studied there, many people I admire studied there.”

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But the singer knew that achieving a place in such a competitive industry required certain sacrifices; Thus, she decided to embark on the adventure on her own. “I went to college, I did musical theater; I studied communications. And I went to Miami by myself; I didn’t even go to my graduation because I knew I needed to go to pursue my dreams as an artist,” she confessed.

“Nothing in this life is achieved without that dose of sacrifice”,


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“My biggest obstacle was moving to Miami alone when my whole family was in Puerto Rico and I am an only child, very close to my family. I feel that having done that required a lot of courage, courage; I think it was something strong. I feel that nothing in this life is achieved without that dose of sacrifice and I am very happy to work hard for my dreams”.

The girl full of illusions discovered that composing would be her first entry and that’s how it started; after getting a contract as an author, she prepared to become a singer and “launch my artistic project as a soloist.” After having other themes on the market, she now releases “D Pic”, where she offers “a new perspective for something that happens every day”, in such a technological world.

“It’s a song that excites me a lot because it’s strong, empowering, but beyond empowerment it’s a song of consent. I feel like it was something that had to be said and I said it,” he warned. “It’s something that happens a lot, especially in this digital age that we are living in and I think this message was important. I say it in an elegant, very pop way, which can be heard very cool and very cool, but the message is still there. And about the famous unsolicited photos. If they ask you, don’t send it guys thanks.”

Now, Gale, who offers an “honest, raw” musical proposal and “in terms of sound it is very pop, crunch, urban”, continues working on what will be his first album. Meanwhile, “D Pic” is now available on all digital music and video platforms. “Give it with everything and without fear, dare to do what you want and believe in yourself, let nothing stop you,” she concluded.

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Meet Gale, the singer-songwriter who wrote her first song at age seven