Maslatón “swiftie”: “There is no way that I will not go to the Taylor Swift recital”

Lawyer Carlos Maslaton has been demonstrating on social networks his intention to attend the recital of Taylor Swift in Argentina, despite the refusal of the singer’s fans. This Wednesday in Hard to tame He insisted again with his goal and assured: “It is impossible for me not to be present at this recital on the River field“.

Journalist Paul Duggan tried to make him drop the idea by pointing out: “You don’t have a heart. Pulling the ticket out of a poor Taylor Swift fan girl“. Then the liberal responded true to his style: “I was in the final of the World Cup. How do you think I’m not going to see Taylor Swift on the River court? He who can do the most, can do the least“.

Then he commented with whom he would attend, in case he got the tickets, and was surprised to say that it would not be with his wife. Ladybug Delvecchio. “My two friends, the one from San Juan and the one from Santa Fe, with whom I am going to see this recital, failed in their online purchase,” he said.

But I have a big surprise for the two of them because I operate the market, I break prices up. I operate in the black market, “he confessed so that the driver of the cycle could ask him how he would do it.” I can’t show my game, Duggan, “he said.

I don’t pay bullshit, don’t come and tell me 500 Lucas or a stick because I’m not going to pay it. But I’m going to get them,” he said. His partner on the panel, the dancer Mariela “la Chipi” Anchipi He pointed out that it would not be so easy: “You do not know what the resale will come out“. “You leave it to me,” replied Maslatón and, given the security he demonstrated, Chipi asked him to arrange two tickets for her.

Lastly, he took advantage of the situation to point out his positive vision of the prompt recovery of the Argentine economy. “For the pessimists about the state of Argentina, This is yet another example of the gigantic national bull market”he concluded.

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Maslatón “swiftie”: “There is no way that I will not go to the Taylor Swift recital”