Marky Ramone (Ramones) gets angry with an attendee at his concert in Tarragona and throws him with a drumstick (video) –

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Patience always has a limit, even in the case of true music legends. I’m sure many still remember the anger that the vocalist Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) got against the attendees who were smoking marijuana during a concert in Anaheim, California. Another who did not like the behavior of a spectator at all went to the drummer Marky Ramone (Ramones) during his concert last June in Tarragonasince he threw him with a drumstick.

As we already shared in Mariskal Rock’s profile on Instagram, Jacinto Paga sent us an extract from the concert in Tarragona on June 29 where you could see marky ramone angry with someone in the audience. Despite this apparent bad feeling, the truth is that there was no incident of any kind during the rest of the recital.

A comment pointed out that due to the direction in which the legendary drummer was looking, it should be an incident with a technician or a photographer, but the band’s vocalist, peelalso in the excavatorit cleared up our doubts.

These were his words:There was a guy who went up to film the stage from the side, he went where he didn’t have to go, he went behind the amps, and Marky caught his eye. Nothing serious”.

An episode that is quite reminiscent of that moment when Bruce Dickinson had to push a fan off stage that he had slipped in, something he did professionally without stopping singing at any time. Fortunately, the legendary drummer of ramones he was not as expeditious with the amateur and was limited only to practicing long-distance throwing of sticks. Note to self, do not climb on the musicians’ workplace. The consequences can be unpredictable.


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Marky Ramone (Ramones) gets angry with an attendee at his concert in Tarragona and throws him with a drumstick (video) –