Mariah Carey is Christmas: what the singer earns each year thanks to All I want for Christmas

  • He has been able to take advantage of a song he created in just 15 minutes with his producer

  • At 52, he has been living since he was 24 in this worldwide success that has become the soundtrack of Christmas

  • The singer has earned more than 60 million dollars over these 28 years. We tell you how.

When Mariah Carey released ‘All I want for Christmas’ never imagined that he could live alone that song that has become, among others, the Christmas soundtrack. Its melody and rhythm, even though the lyrics is the sad story that Carey lived in his childhood and adolescencecaptivates millions of people around the world every year. 1994. Almost 30 years have passed and this hit that sounds in December and well, every November, without losing any of its imprint.

The theme is played and listened to so much that you could live without working with just what this theme brings you. she and her producer wrote in just 15 minutes. Without a doubt, a master move, of which the New Yorker knows how to get fat profits and with which he has created an emporium for his whole life. The 52-year-old has been living this worldwide success since she was 24 although, last year his theme was ‘vetoed’ in a Texas bar where it was decided not to play it until December 1 and that it would only be heard once a night.

Have you ever wondered how much money Mariah Carey pockets every time we listen to her Christmas carol?

Mariah Carey’s disastrous performance on New York’s Eve

Billboard No. 1

Every time we play this great song at home, in the car, at any time we have the chance or they play it in the shopping center on duty with which they inspire us to buy more at Christmas, Mariah Carey is much happier. Although, she has always said that Christmas is her favorite time and not because of the money… surely something helps.

The figures around ‘All I want for Christmas’ are more than dizzying. His video clip on YouTube has more than 730 million views and to this we must add the other Internet users who have uploaded it to the network. And on Spotify it exceeds 1,180 million listeners, come on, more than a billion.

Last year it became number one on the list of the well-known Hot 100 Chart Billboard and made history being the first song to top the chart three years in a row (2019, 2020 and 2021).

$2.5 million per year

Every year he earns $600,000 in royalties alone., as indicated by ‘Celebrity Net Worth’. Despite that, it is not the one that receives the most royalties from the benefits of a Christmas song, if not number 3.

16.2 million dollars is what he has earned until this 2021 with ‘All I want for Christmas’. However, this figure does not include all the benefits you get for your hit. How much more does he pocket?

Keep in mind that these scandal figures only include what the also actress has won in concepts of streaming and royalities. These data would not include Carey’s performances or her participation in other shows.

The truth is, From 1994 to 2019, Luis Miguel’s ex has earned more than 60 million dollars, as ‘The Economist’ made public. Nothing more and nothing less than a $2.5 million a year to date.

Carey’s versions

It seems that the artist refuses to separate from this success that ended up consolidating her musical career and this November he has even released a book that is a story where a Mariah Carey girl is the protagonist. This is just one more twist of the star since, between 2000 and 2011, it has published 5 versions of the original.

The most notorious version is the one performed with Justin Bieber. In 2011 the duet recorded their version at Macy’s, but despite the court of fans that the Canadian and the diva drag, never managed to overcome the original.

We will have to start looking for the formula of success for an upcoming Christmas hit. She has already tried it with other songs like the one she published in 2019 ‘Fall in love at Christmas’ but ‘All I want …’ remains unbeatable even for Mariah Carey herself.

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Mariah Carey is Christmas: what the singer earns each year thanks to All I want for Christmas