María Gracia Viteri becomes Shakira in a new concert in Alaire | Music | Entertainment

The show, with the most popular melodies of the Colombian artist, will be this Friday, November 19, in Samborondón.

Since Where are you Love? invaded Latin American radios, 25 years ago, the songs of Shakira they have not stopped chanting at any time. In fact, the songs of the Colombian singer-songwriter were the first melodies that the singer María Gracia Viteri began to sing as a child and now they are part of the repertoire of a concert as a tribute that she has prepared for this Friday 19 in the cultural square Alaire (Sambrondón).

“Shakira is a complete artist and I admire her a lot since I was little, the first songs I started singing were hers”, shares the main female voice of the group Rewind.

Precisely because of these multiple facets that Shakira integrates (singing and dancing at the same time, above all) the preparation to interpret the hits of the Barranquilla, and her movements on stage, has been coming for three months, in August. The conditioning has been vocal and physical.

As for the voice, says María Gracia, “Shakira has a very particular register, I don’t try to imitate her voice, I sing in my own way and her tone goes well with my own register.” Regarding the scenic display, on the other hand, the preparation has been strenuous, not only because of the dance, says the singer, but also “to show a little more, to be a little more sexy because this concert requires it a lot.”

With more than 13 years of musical career in tow, María Gracia promises a spectacular show, which surpasses the other two presentations inspired by the interpreter of La bicicleta and Hips don’t lie me, which she held in 2018, in Microteatro Gye and In the air. “Those were acoustic shows, with a very small band, very intimate. This time it is with a full band, dance show, dancers and lights, it is much more produced ”, he anticipates.

The unforgettable Anthology, Flies in the house, You and other pop ballads by Shakira, which made up her albums Bare feet, Where are the thieves, Laundry service and others will resound from María Gracia’s microphone; then your feet (and hips too) will captivate with Eyes like that and a splendid medley (potpourri) of almost 10 minutes of Shakira’s most moved hits, for which María Gracia will be dressed in a red outfit with sequins, stones and fringes – just like the outfit that the Colombian composer wore in the halftime show of the Super bowl 2020- will be the closing of this promising concert.

In addition to Shakira, the Guayaquil singer has put herself in the shoes of another media artist, Britney Spears, which also motivated two presentations, one in 2019 and another in 2020. In this sense, Viteri anticipates that he would like to soon prepare a show this time inspired by the British singer Dua Lipa. He is also planning a presentation, without a date yet, that collects the successes of female voices in recent decades.

Tickets to this concert are on sale on the digital platform meet2go, for the locality ‘Pies descalzos’, to $ 25 per person. The town ‘Las de la intuición’ is already sold out. Alaire It is located in Ciudad Celeste, La Ria stage (lot A).

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María Gracia Viteri becomes Shakira in a new concert in Alaire | Music | Entertainment