María Codino talks about the influence of Los Campesinos!: “I resonate a lot with that band”

Since March, indie today is the ally of Selector Radio Argentina, the weekly show that serves as a showcase for new UK music – from established and emerging artists alike. Produced in London by the British Council and broadcast in more than 33 countries, Selector Radio features interviews, live sessions and recommendations from some of the most innovative artists on the British scene.

In the most recent episode of the program hosted by Maxi Martina Y danila saieg was invited Mary Codino, known on the national scene for being the singer and guitarist of bands like Apolo Rixi and De Incendios. After releasing the EP That veiled fragment In 2020, Maria released the singles “My Kind of Woman” Y “Bewilderment”, a song where distressed lyrics coexist with optimistic sounds. As an Image and Sound designer, María configures an aesthetic design for each song, while she is immersed in a continuous exploration of sounds. All this accompanied by sensitive and strongly reflective lyrics.

Taking advantage of his presence in the program, María spoke about her musical current affairs, the tour she is doing in Spain and the show that is coming up at the Spring Sound of Buenos Aires, where he will present new songs and review some songs from his repertoire. In addition, and as usual on Selector Radio, she told which were the British bands that influenced her the most:

“British music was always very fundamental to my musical training. I used to listen to Blur as a girl and then when I started playing the electric guitar I had a fever for The Clash, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, all that punk and post-punk vibe. Also The Smiths, the lyrics, the melodies and Johnny Marr is a great influence for me, how he arranged the songs, the type of chords always marked me a lot and I take it today to make the arrangements of my songs. […] Another very important band for me is Farmers!I’ve been listening to it a lot. It is a contemporary band that marked me a lot when it comes to the melodies, the lyrics, the way of instrumentation, production, it seems to me that I resonate a lot with that band in various aspects”.

Challenged to choose a song that represents her, María opted for one of Los Campesinos!: “I’m going to choose ‘A Slow, Slow Death’ by this British band with a Latin name. It’s a good song to show the universe of the group. It’s a band that I really like and it has that kind of melancholic and nostalgic thing and always with great instrumentation, production, which is simple but interesting at the same time”.

This week’s episode of Selector Radio features what’s new from artists like Harry Styles -British singer, songwriter and actor who was part of the boy band One Direction and now has a successful solo career-, Wet Leg -British indie rock duo from the Isle of Wight made up of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers-, Self Esteem Rotherham-born singer-songwriter Joy Crookes -British neo soul and R&B singer-songwriter-, Gwenno -singer-songwriter and producer born in Wales- and Little Simz -British rapper, singer and actress of Nigerian parents-. In addition, the Selector Check of the week is girl Archives22-year-old DJ, singer and producer from Manchester who this year released the EP Forbidden Feelingz.

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María Codino talks about the influence of Los Campesinos!: “I resonate a lot with that band”