Manu Tenorio surprises with his new project beyond music 20 years after ‘OT’

This 2021, the participants of the first and unforgettable edition of Triumph operation They are current because it is 20 years since their participation in the talent show. One of them is Manu tenorio, who has surprised friends and strangers with his new project.

The Sevillian, at 46 years old, continues to be involved in the music industry. However, in the coming months he will step out of his comfort zone to fully immerse himself in another artistic branch. And is that the singer has confirmed that he will participate in a Hollywood movie, almost nothing!

This announcement was made in an interview for Hi!, where he has commented that the creators of the feature film were set in El Roce, song belonging to his album Us in the night, for what will be part of the soundtrack.

But the talk he had with them did not end there. “During the conversation, they invited me to intervene with a small paper“, said the artist, so he will participate doubly in the film, lending his voice for music and as an actor.

He also gave several clues about the production. Your title will be The Spanish Sting and the plot and his character are as follows: “The script is about a series of gangsters who plan to rob a bank. I am one of the trusted men of those gangsters. Up to there I can count! “

This will not be the first time that the former triumph has been in front of the cameras, since appeared in the series Gym Tony in the role of a psychologist who lent his skills to help two characters.

Chained, their last song

Regarding his musical news, Tenorio has just released the video for the song Chained. This song is the second that has seen the light of what will be his next album.

The music video was recorded in Jaén and comes after The Ship of Oblivion, the first single from his new album. In this way, the fans of Manu Tenorio are in luck this year twice: New music and your jump to the movies!