Manel celebrates a concert in Girona without distances and with a mask as part of a pilot project

More than 1,000 people gathered this Friday in Girona to enjoy a concert in which it was allowed to dance without keeping your distance but with a mask.

For this pilot test, attendees had to prove that they were vaccinated, who had passed the covid in the last 3 months or who had given negative in an antigen test.

The Manel group presented the songs from their latest EP, ‘L’amant malalta’, as well as topics from previous works. The Obrir Girona initiative, of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia promoted by the Generalitat and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, is a clinical study that aims to test a model of digital passes for tests and vaccination, creating spaces with a very low contagion capacity ( MBCC) in order to make a safe and controlled reopening of the city. The project began at the end of February when Girona pharmacies received the corresponding training to develop their role.


Anyone who wants to participate in any event of the Obrir Girona project download the free ICC digital certificate application AOKpass, where you have to create a profile and a certificate, which you must later validate at the pharmacy.

The next step is to prove that the user is MBCC, which you can do in about thirty pharmacies in Girona in three ways: if you are vaccinated, bring the certificate; If the virus has passed, carry a positive PCR for more than 15 days, and if it is not in these cases, an antigen test can be done at the pharmacy, which in case of negative, will accredit it as MBCC persons.

The passes have a duration of up to six months in case of vaccinated, three months in the case of antibodies and 36 hours for those who have undergone the antigen test: this procedure has a cost of between 2.5 and 8.5 euros depending on the type of certificate.