Man dresses up as Pitbull to go to one of his concerts and is mistaken for the rapper

If you happen to dress up as a famous artist and you achieve a great resemblance, you can run a great “risk”: being mistaken for the famous one.

That was exactly what happened to a fan of pitbullBecause he tried so hard to achieve a resemblance to the rapper, he ended up surrounded by other fans who wanted to take a picture with him.

A TikTok user, Mason Mitchell, shared the video of how his father transformed into Pitbull and attended one of his concerts at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in the United States.

To become the American singer and songwriter of Cuban descent, the first thing the man did was shave his head, choose the right wardrobe consisting of a black suit and white shirt, and something that could not be missing, some large dark glasses like the ones often use Pitbull.

In other images published by his son, the man is seen arriving at the concert venue and immediately being hoarded by dozens of people who wanted to be photographed with him.

In the description of the video, he assures that “at least 500 people took a picture with him.”

There is no doubt about something and that is that this man achieved such a perfect resemblance that he could fool many other fans.

“I literally thought it was him when I saw him”; “Omg, it does look like”; “The way he accepted it and took the photos anyway”; “The amount of people I saw posting photos with him thought he was the real Pitbull”; “Imagine Pitbull looking at all the photos later saying ‘I’ve never left my room, have I?'” read several of the comments on the video.

Whether real or fictional, the truth is that many fans believed at the time that they were fulfilling their fantasy of hugging and taking a picture with Pitbull.

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Man dresses up as Pitbull to go to one of his concerts and is mistaken for the rapper