Maluma officially presented his girlfriend Susana Gómez in full concert

The Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín was prepared to receive around 50,000 spectators this Saturday, April 30, who sang the songs of Papi Juancho Maluma and the queen of pop, Madonna, at the concert Medal on the Map.

The concert was going to be historic, as the singer previously stated on his social networks, in which he had previously been praised by J. Balvin, who accepted that at one point he saw him as his competition, but now he filled him with pride and saw him as a “little brother”.

Maluma gave a Show of 360 degrees, like the great artist that he is, at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, which allowed fans to see him from anywhere on the sports stage. In a great concert in which the paisa singer was quite excited to be in his city, after a successful tour around the world, so much so that he could not contain his tears.

In addition, he made an unexpected announcement about his love life in the middle of the show. With a pause and, to the rhythm of the music, he dedicated some heartfelt words to his family, but especially to his girlfriend, the love of her life, whom he pointed to in the audience and said: “I love you culicagada”.

It should be noted that he immediately began his romantic song ADMV, confirmed that it was dedicated to his girlfriend, because when interpreting the lyrics he made a small modification to say “And we’ve been here for three years.”

His exact words were: “I want to take this moment to greet all my friends who are out there, my family, my parents, to my girlfriend who is there: ‘I love you, culicagada’. So many years looking for love outside and I hadn’t realized that she was there, right next to me. I love you my life, I love you”were the words with which the interpretation of the song began.

“You have not left my life, my life, but I already miss you. Who would have thought, no one believed it, and we are already going for three years”, he said, generating a lot of emotion and feelings in the public.

This musical theme, the paisa singer launched it in the middle of the pandemic and made it viral. At that time they would have been in a relationship for a year and, according to his words, he dedicated that song to her at that time on their one year anniversary together.

This undoubtedly generated all kinds of reactions in the public since many did not even know that he had a girlfriend or that they had been together for so long.

Although, the reactions on social networks were not long in coming. In addition, Internet users recalled that by the end of 2019 Maluma finally confirmed that he had ended his relationship with the model Natalia Barulich, so those “three years” took many by surprise.

Who is Maluma’s girlfriend?

Undoubtedly, the renowned reggaeton singer, Maluma, has kept his private life away from the public sphere, so his relationships, family situations, among other things, have rarely been known. Nevertheless, With the arrival of Christmas last year, the singer decided to publish a photo in which he made his courtship official.

The photograph published by the interpreter of Hawaii it is out of focus, so the woman’s face is not clearly visible, and they also appear giving a passionate kiss in front of the Christmas tree. Although the singer’s girlfriend is not distinguished, many users confirmed that it is the architect Susana Gómez.

This conclusion came after rumors emerged in 2020 that the man from Antioquia and the young woman had a love relationship. Even in September, the artist’s mother revealed at the time that it was her after publishing a photo of her during a helicopter trip through New York, with her architect.

The photograph was published before midnight on December 14, 2021 and already has more than 2 million views likes‘. In it postthe singer wrote “Thank you, Santa”, referring to the fact that the love he holds with his partner was a great gift.

The publication, in addition, was commented on by several artists at that time, among which Don Omar stands out, who congratulated the couple.

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Maluma officially presented his girlfriend Susana Gómez in full concert