Maluma confirmed himself, at home, on the map of global stardom

“With his concert last Saturday in Medellín, Maluma showed that beyond being a great reggaeton artist, he is a global star. And that is ratified by having Madonna as a guest, for example, ”says Miguel Santacoloma, from Páramo Presenta, about the paisa show in his hometown.

Maluma brought 54,000 people to the Atanasio Girardot stadium, initially without further progress than his ‘Medal on the map’ (without announcing guests) and his emotion for singing in the city where, moreover, he took his first steps as an artist.

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During his 11-year career, the time he waited to appear on a big stage in Medellín, as he recounted in his presentation, Maluma made a steady, patient and disciplined path to reach the great – very great – show business leagues.

That’s why, perhaps, in his dressing room at the Atanasio there was a candle lit since his arrival at the place, with a prayer next to it. And true to his sense of family, he preferred only the company of his parents in this space because he was very anxious. They said they gave him their blessing before going out to sing.

Al Atanasio had arrived at 9 pm and an hour later, after hearing some salsa, one of the things he likes to do before performing, he went up on stage.

Outside, a 360 degree scene awaited him. That Saturday, as in much of the country, it had rained a lot. Medellin was no exception and before the concert there was a heavy downpour, which passed leaving a slightly cold night.

Maluma himself was in front of the concert setup. It had four giant LED screens with maximum resolutionwhich, according to information from his office, “form a dimension of 800 square meters when suspended as if from the sky, projecting video content and sequences of the concert live and direct, rotating to the rhythm of the songs, with more than 200 amplification channels, 40 variable speed motors, 17 closed circuit cameras, 400 lighting machines, with 600 pyrotechnic programs”.

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The equipment was transported in 11 large trucks, and one hundred people from abroad participated in the assembly, with 1,200 locals working for a week. Production was handled by Chris Gratton.

The show, which lasted three hours, had, in addition to Madonna, guests such as Blessd, Feid, Wolfine, Pipe Bueno and Grupo Firme, from Mexico.

With the pop diva, who arrived in Medellín on Thursday and rehearsed with Maluma very early on Friday, he sang Medellín, a song they released together, and the pop star performed Music.

And he sang Wetting Seats with Feid; Gata, the new one on the map, with Kapla & Miky, Blessd and Philip Ariaz; Each one, with the Firme group, and several rancheras next to Pipe Bueno, who is one of her great friends.

At the beginning of the event, in a video, personalities such as Shakira, Jennifer López, J Balvin, Wisin, Yandel and Jimmy Fallon spoke about Medellín. Maluma’s objective, that “Medallo was on the map”, was fulfilled from the zero minute of the show.

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“This is a very important aspect: not only did he get well-known people from the media to speak, but it showed how a local artist takes so many people to a presentation”, adds Santacoloma.

But his analysis does not end there. “The most important thing is how the Colombian public has learned to pay to see its artists, has learned to consume them, in the same way that it acquires tickets for Guns N’ Roses, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny or Miley Cyrus“, He says.

“Those phrases of ‘I already saw such a Colombian artist for free’ or ‘I can see him later’ are not so commented on,” he continues. And now the expectation is in the concerts that Karol G will offer in Medellín and Cali, among others. She is an award-winning artist who has just performed with great success at the Coachella Festival in the United States.

Santacoloma adds that the arrival of great shows in the country has been taking place for several years and the public knows that. Of course, if we refer to local artists, “Shakira was the first, the mother, without having an unusual impact in Colombia at the time, where she always made a stop with her world tours. The change in this time has been important”.

That the Antioquian concert has been so successful serves not only Medellín, but the rest of the country. “It is the big step towards reactivation with large-scale activities, including concerts and festivals, after everything that has happened in the last two years with the pandemic.”

And it is that the Maluma concert, according to its attendees, had so many surprises that at the entrance each person received a bracelet that changed colors according to the song. At least 40 songs were performed at night.

Despite the fact that, according to some attendees, there was disorder on the part of some of Maluma’s followers who entered earlier and did not respect the numbering of the chairs, the concert was carried out without problems.

The Maluma experience, upon admission, designed for the most passionate followers of the singer, included the wax figure of the artist for the Madame Tussauds museum, which was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín.

Also, there was four outfits worn by Maluma throughout his careera wall with many of his achievements, an area with the colors that stand out the most in the capital of Antioquia, which were a photographic background, a wall to write beautiful facts about Medellín, and two of the reggaeton sports cars.

On the night there were more emotional moments, in addition to his performance with Madonna. Among them, Maluma’s interpretation of his hit Hawaii with children and young people from the El Arte de los Sueños foundation, which he created together with his family to help minors in vulnerable conditions through art and culture, and which was one of the the most applauded by the attendees, who came to Medellin from different cities in the country.
And she also sang with Abril, the girl who won the Ponte en el Mapa contest, which she did to find a new star among those who benefit from her foundation.

On several occasions, Maluma knelt on stage, surely thanking his fulfilled dream and, as he said, starting a new stage in his successful career.

There was no lack of those who said that they liked the Madonna of ten and 20 years ago better, and that on Saturday night she looked very different. The American, of course, was part not only of the show but of the conversation. But the forger not only of her history but of the unforgettable concert for all who attended was Maluma.

The show was seen in 200 countries and territories through Amazon, which meant a large number of people singing the successes of the son of Marlli Arias and Luis Alfonso Londoño, in addition to Medellín.


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Maluma confirmed himself, at home, on the map of global stardom