Malena Burke concert in Real Café de Miami

The Cuban singer Malena Burke will be in concert this Saturday at the Real Cafe Miami, famous restaurant located in the busy Calle Ocho of that city.

Burke promised his followers and Cuban music lovers that they will have a night full of surprises while they talk and download accompanied by their band.

The Malena Burke concert this Saturday at the Real Café in Miami, will have themes of traditional Cuban music that will take you down a hall, but you will also enjoy that unmistakable romantic and heartbreaking tone, inherited from his mother, the famous Elena Burke.

Real Cafe Miami It is at 9600 SW 8th Street. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Florida. It has an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Its food and beverage offerings are mostly typical Cuban. You can buy your ticket now by giving click here.

Real Cafe Miami

Malena Burke she is an exceptional singer. He has stepped on the main stages of the island and several of the world. He recorded three albums with his mother: “Cuba on Fire”, “Las Burke” and “Elena and Malena Burke”. In Miami he participated in the CD “Super Cuban All Stars”, produced by RMM Records and recorded his own album, “Malena Burke”.

In 1998, together with Meme Solis and Luis García, he produced the production “A Solas Contigo”, vol. I and II. He has also recorded the CDs “Bolero Jazz: Misty”, “Contigo en la Distancia”, “Malena Total” and “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”, among others.

Real Cafe Miami you already have the tickets for sale and everything prepared for the concert with Malena Burke this Saturday. His unmistakable voice will transmit the best of Cuban music, in a safe, intimate, relaxed and pleasant environment, ideal for a night of fun with your partner and good friends.

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