Mägo de Oz cancels more concerts for the health of Zeta and Patricia Tapia: “Sometimes life sends you signs that you have to stop” – MariskalRock.com

5 August, 2022 12:11 p.m.
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Patricia Tapia and Zeta in Madrid. Photo: Sandro Santos

Since the album was released ‘black flag’ and began its spectacular and successful presentation tour, the ‘To Boarding Tour!’the activity around Wizard of Oz It has been a true hurricane in which we have not stopped receiving both positive reviews of their performances and new dates that have been adding to a tour that they have suddenly had to put on an involuntary pause for health reasons.

After having to suspend some first concerts at the end of June to see the two vocalists, Zeta and Patricia Tapia, going through the emergency servicesand some dates in which colleagues and friends like Ruben Kelsen (Debler Eternia) either Xana LaveyCeltian Y Sunrise (Patricia’s disciple) have acted as vocalists of the band to be able to respond to their followers, the cancellation of the participation of Mägo de Oz in the Leyendas del Rock festival It has been a limit after which it has been decided to release a statement announcing the cancellation of more concerts and explaining that they will wait for their two vocalists to resume the demanding tour that still lies ahead.

This is the content of the statement: “Sometimes life sends you signals that you have to stop, take a breather and recover those wounded in battle. Due to Zeta and Patri’s illnesses, it will be impossible for us to give a show according to what people expect from a group like Mägo de Oz. That is why we have decided, as a band, not to put any more patches and wait for our partners to recover, and thus be able to be at full strength for the more than 30 concerts that we have left of this very long tour. Surely we come back stronger both physically and mentally. That’s why the concerts of: Ibiza (August 5), San Fernando de Cádiz (postponed to August 28), Mallorca (August 11) and France (August 13) are cancelled.“.

“The date we have set for our return is the August 14, in San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid). We are sorry for any inconvenience this situation may cause, but we are not robots and, unfortunately, we also get sick. Courage and strength for Patri and Zeta!”

“Postscript: Thanks to Rubén for giving us a cable and singing with Alma during these last two concerts. We owe you one, dwarf.”

It must be remembered that Mágo de Oz is also on its way to publishing the second installment of ‘Love and Oz’of which we will have more news in the month of October.


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Mägo de Oz cancels more concerts for the health of Zeta and Patricia Tapia: “Sometimes life sends you signs that you have to stop” – MariskalRock.com