Magistrate indicates abuse of authority of the Rapporteur against Torture

The magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Blanca Alfarospoke in a personal capacity this Monday, June 12, regarding the statement recently issued by the rapporteur against tortureLesther Castellanos, where he mentioned null voting.

In her opinion, the rapporteur committed an abuse of authority and has exceeded his duties, since he referred to the issue, according to her, despite being unaware of the Electoral Law and Political Parties (LEPP), since she clarified that the invalid vote It is against the system and not against charges.

The statement details that the invalid vote only includes the position of President of the Republic and not those who aspire to deputies and mayors, to which the magistrate pointed out that the interpretation is not correct.

“I am going to say something, with all due respect, in a personal capacity, Blanca Alfaro, vocal III. The rapporteur against Torture is denoting an abuse of authority in his statements, because he is not even a rector on the subject. He has been entrusted with verifying compliance mainly on the issue of State terrorism,” he said.

“As a Guatemalan, I tolerate his statement, I do not share it, and I think he has overstepped his role. It is completely unaware of the approach of article 237 of the LEPP. The null vote is against the electoral system, no participation can be excluded. First you would have to educate yourself a little on the subject”added the togada.

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Rapporteur’s statement

The rapporteur against Torture issued a statement on June 8 in which he urged the TSE as the governing body and guarantor of the legality of the electoral process to comply with its mandate and guarantee the transparency of the elections.

“Through the participation of candidates who do meet the legal requirements and deadlines for their candidacy to be admitted; as established by decree number 1-85 of Congress, ”he pointed out.

Meanwhile, addressing the citizens, he asked that they trust the country’s legal system and go to the polls on June 25 to exercise their right to vote.

“Please, do not fall for the misinformation that bad citizens do, they have not been able to be registered because they do not comply with the requirements that the Electoral Law demands and they are motivating a null vote,” he stated.

In addition, he mentioned that if invalid votes are cast with the intention of calling for a new electoral process with candidates other than those who are running, this is completely false; because, according to his words, only the candidates for president of the republic legally registered at this time would be called for the repetition of the elections.

“Candidates for deputies and mayors, do not enjoy the right to null vote. Well, they have a single election opportunity, in such a way that there is no null vote for those popular election positions, ”he emphasized.

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Magistrate indicates abuse of authority of the Rapporteur against Torture