Magical concerts between works of art

One of the most interesting centers in Barcelona is the MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern), the first in the country to dedicate itself to contemporary figurative art, and is installed in a historic building worth visiting, the Palau Gomis. It offers interesting exhibitions, such as the current one Women Painting, which brings together 80 female works, but also a series of cultural events such as guided tours or workshops, among which are its concerts on Fridays, dedicated to blues, and those on Saturdays, focused on classical music, which are held at 6 pm in its noble hall, surrounded by works of art. Let’s discover the proposals they have prepared for the next few weeks.

From the most classic blues to the most modern

The first cycle presents today Blues Tastets, the duo formed by the guitarist Leo Carreras and Txus Blues, who play the harmonica, acoustic guitar and ukulele. His show, educational and audiovisual, combines poetry with the most emblematic themes of the genre and explains what they have meant in the history of music. Friday the 28th will arrive Miquel Roldán Swingtet Trio, a Barcelona group led by this singer and percussionist together with the saxophonist Jordi Blanch and the pianist Octavi Bañuls. Together, interpret standards of American music. Roldán is a crooner, in the style of Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé and review great hits such as Fly me to the moon, Cheek to cheek or Night and day, among many others.

The month of June will begin with the singer’s performance Jodie cash (day 4), which will be accompanied by the guitarist Toni Espelta and the pianist Toni del Amo. His repertoire covers themes from blues, soul and country with a sweet voice very rich in registers and some very personal and intimate adaptations of the classics. A legend of jazz will follow, the pianist Lluis Coloma (day 11), an artist who creates a magical atmosphere in his concerts, turning each performance into a unique experience. He is a master of improvisation and a virtuoso who has become one of the greatest exponents of blues and boogie woogie in Europe. Their repertoire combines diverse styles including New Orleans music, rhythm & blues or rock in an intense show, full of energy and enthusiasm.

On the 18th there is no concert, as they have scheduled an opening, but it will resume on the 25th with the duo formed by Joan Pau Cumellas (harmonica and voice) and Gabriel Mastronari (piano and voice). This couple performs songs from blues, boogie, swing or country, showing the harmony that he achieves with his respective instruments. Songs by Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Slim Harpo and even soundtracks by Henry Mancini will be played. Eternal melodies with their point of improvisation, inspiration and virtuosity with the intention of establishing a dialogue between them and sharing it with the public.

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Magical concerts between works of art

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Classical music Saturdays

Saturdays are dedicated to classical music and tomorrow a very original concert awaits us with the duet formed by the pianist Berta Brull and the soprano Anna Farrés. This couple focuses on the operatic repertoire with some foray into zarzuela and they will interpret themes of love and tragedy by Mozart, Donizetti, Puccini and Verdi, among others. Saturday 29 will arrive Eduardo Javier’s clarinet, which will be accompanied by Asami Pascual’s piano. Under the title of Retrobaments They will feature works by Bela Kovács, Joseph Horovitz and Gabriel Pierné. We enter the month of June hand in hand with violin by Sara Rojo and guitar by Miguel Marín (day 5) with a concert dedicated to Romanticism and Spanish music, in which works by Tárrega, Paganini and Falla will be played.

The lyric classics will arrive on Sunday 6th in a special performance of the tenor Facundo Muñoz. The repertoire will be made up of fragments of I Lombardiby Verdi; The guest of the Sevillian, of warrior; the Elisir d’amoreby Donizetti; The tavern of the port, from Sorozábal; the Carmen, by Bizet and even the Catalan popular song Rosó, pel teu amor. We return to Saturdays on June 12, dedicated to the romantic piano from the first half of the 19th century. The interpreter will be the pianist Ester Lecha, which will feature works by Schumann, Chopin and Beethoven. Will follow Incanto (June 19), a selection of works by Gounod, Bernstein, Serrano and Puccini performed by the soprano Ximena Agurto with the pianist Marta Pujol.

We entered the final stretch with an extraordinary evening on Sunday 20 dedicated entirely to songs and Italian opera in charge of soprano Romina Krieger and pianist Ricardo Estrada which will include Neapolitan themes, chamber arias by Bellini, fragments of operas by Puccini or by the composer Francesco Paolo Tosti. And as a culmination, Saturday 26, destined to review american music by André Previn and Giancarlo Menotti with the soprano Laura Coll and the pianist Alessio Coppola. Very melodic afternoons in a luxurious setting.

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