June 12, 2021

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Mafia music

Mafia music

On May 13 they hung up on Youtube the video If a pentito (you’re a snitch), with songs sung in Neapolitan dialect, which in three days was viewed 100,000 times. The author is Daniele De Martino, who on his Facebook page, followed by 500,000 friends, writes: “Andor I am not part of the mafia, but of my public, I am very Catholic, I have a lot of faith in God, I do not exclude anyone, not even those who commit sin, I forgive him & rdquor;. But not everything should be so simple, if when a journalist pointed out a few days ago, in a published letter, that he was praising the mafias, the informant has just now received a death threat.

The song “You are a snitch” he goes on to say that for this reason “you’re a loser”. The snitch is for the gangsters who collaborate with justice, also called repentants (pentito, in Italian), of whom De Martino sings the deeds or dedicates a word of encouragement to those who are behind bars. In the video clip “I command” (nine million views), illustrates the “vendetta & rdquor; Of a son who has been killed by the rowdy father, the Naples Mafia: “Vendetta is part of my dignity, rest in peace, dad”, sings.

De Martino, who is Sicilian but settled in Naṕoles, is part of a generation of singers called neomelodics, authors of tasteless and easily memorizable music, very popular in the city and at festivals throughout the south of the peninsula. In the houses of good of Naples it is said that the Neomelodics are next to the Camorra. Its lyrics would seem to confirm it, although in a city where ghosts still exist, everything could be one more legend, or understand a part of the truth.

“Model of life”

Niko Pandetta, De Martino’s countryman, counts among his relatives Salvatore Cappello, alias Turi, capo of one of the Cosa Nostra families in Sicily, whom in his melodies he exalts as a “model of life”. And De Martino, the one who brings them against the sneak gangsters, organized his schedule of contracts and concerts in the home of another capo, according to Salvo Palazzolo, the threatened informant. In addition, a businessman of the neo-melodic singers, Totò Buongiorno, entered prison last March, accused of crimes related to mafia practices.

Pandetta A few weeks before the current pandemic organized a concert at the doors of a shopping center, an event dedicated, he said, “to all those who are in 41bis (maximum security prison) so that freedom will arrive soon and with the hope that they can go back to their families. ” Melody title “The poor detainee”. No authority interrupted the act. “It is absurd that the authorities do not stop these indecent and unseemly spectacles, which go against the law and which encourage people to stand against the State,” the regional councilor for the greens, Francesco Borrelli, commented indignantly. “I have the gun”, replied Pandetta on his Facebook page, talking about the counselor and illustrating the phrase with the photo of a gold-colored pistol.

The mafias, mainly the Neapolitan Camorra, whose wickedness always presents popular overtones and apparently innocuous, although no less serious from a point of view of social harmony, they have frequently used music as a vehicle for their messages. The music and also the sports programs, broadcast by the broadcasters. Or they have created their own radio, as happened in southern Rosarno. It was called Olympia radio and it was totally illegal.

Radio stations

It was intervened by the Local Anti-Mafia Directorate (DDA): spread songs with messages aimed at gangsters detained in maximum security prisons, but also at criminals escaped of justice and those who were at liberty. He did it by playing with the lyrics of the songs or the titles combined with some pauses. Shortly before, researchers discovered that another station, Radio Nueva Ercolano, had specialized in rebroadcasting songs at the request of the listener. “To my son Stefano & rdquor; it was a way to cheer up the rowdy son of a mafia father, and so on every day. In the end it was discovered that the station was directly in the service of a clan, the Birra, whose detained members had entrusted their business to the capo Vicenio Oliviero.

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On another occasion, it was discovered that for a popular sports show of the Rai (“Calcium quelli& rdquor;) on weekends, gangsters sent messages to each other via sms messages, even anonymous ones, which ran at the bottom of the screen. Enzo Macrí, a former anti-mafia prosecutor, illustrated one day in a Parliament Committee that behind an innocent “Everything ok, Pablo & rdquor ;, were hiding“ messages that only the recipients could understand & rdquor ;. He added: “What surprised us the most was the apparent banality of the content of the sms, behind which precise communications to the incommunicado capos were hidden & rdquor; in maximum security prisons. Following the magistrate’s complaint, the General Directorate of Prisons ordered the deactivation of teletext on television sets in prisons.

Nothing to do with the prehistoric but more secure system of Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia, which used and continues to use pizzini& rdquor; (leaflets) to communicate among its members, thus avoiding modern communication techniques. And to add insult to injury, leaflets sometimes carry quotes from the Bible, as was discovered after the arrest, in 2006), of Bernardo Provenzano, then capo de los capos de Cosa Nostra.