Mad Cool 2023, second day: Queens of the Stone Age are reborn like a Phoenix

That Josh Homme is almost like the rebirth of a Phoenix Bird is almost a fact. the frontman of Queens of the Stone Age he has passed the last stage of his life going through serious personal problems, from his divorce to cancer, all at once. A hard chapter in his life that has resulted in a new album, ‘In Times New Roman’.

Be that as it may, the band came to Mad Cool 2023 wanting to remove a thorn after not being able to perform last year. In a sweeter moment, perhaps better, and with a new album under their belt, the band redeemed themselves with an incredible recital.

Starting strong, with his fed up acquaintance “No One Knows”, QOTSA know how, without ever losing elegance, to be a whirlwind of stoner that doesn’t let up. With an incredible sound and the flagship groove, nothing was missing at the show: classics from all eras, some of the new ones and a beastly connection with the public, although this time without spider-man.

We are talking about what is surely one of the highest quality formations in current rock. Our partner commented Jorge Vileillaa man who, if he has been at anything, has been at rock concerts, which in particular had become one of the five in his life.

With “A Song of the Dead” and a “Thank you girls and boys. Goodbye Goodnight”, the band said goodbye, becoming one of the milestones of this edition of the festival.

Fireworks to the rhythm of folk rock

We still had to see some gimmicky Mumford & Sons who did not doubt, as if the farewell of Elton John or of kiss in question, to surprise with a whole fireworks display in the last bars of the concert. This, in one of the festivals most likely to star in Instagram reels and stories, is always a point in favor.

The folk-rock of the British is pleasant to listen to even for those outside their discography. And that is what we received throughout a repertoire of 16 songs that included songs like “The Cave”, “Little Lion Man” or “The Wolf”, always celebrated by the fans of a band that, by the way, has not released an album since 2018. Even with everything, the five LP’s they have to their credit are worth more than enough to offer a show that, in addition to sounding good, was crowned in all top. Not surprisingly, if everyone knew one, that was the well-known “I Will Wait”. With her they said goodbye to her, giving way to two veterans who were not going to give less of themselves because they were the last.

Closing high

The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach and Patrick CarneyThey did not come alone, but they were protagonists. With a rock band in the background, the duo offered a most correct show, in which the only question was whether to leave before their highly celebrated “lonely boy”, the last to sound, to avoid crowds at the exit of the festival.

Other songs, such as his version of the classic Richard Berry “Have Love Will Travel”, “Tighen Up” or, the penultimate one, “Little Black Submarines”, were part of his repertoire.

With one more day ahead and what remains of our strength, we prepare to welcome you to Liam Gallagher and Red Hot Chili Peppers in what will be the last day of the most international Madrid festival.

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Mad Cool 2023, second day: Queens of the Stone Age are reborn like a Phoenix