Luis Miguel and the mysterious video with which he moved his fans

Luis Miguel welcomed the new year without leaving behind the airs of mystery. In his social networks, the singer published a video with which he did not need to say much to alert his followers and pay attention to every step he takes in the coming months. And it is that after reach the end of your series biographical last October, he could be preparing something new in his career. At least that’s what some of his fans thought.

In the clip only the number 2022 can be seen, published with an ellipsis. Although it could be a New Year’s greeting, the hopes of his followers made them say that it is not, since he published it on the second day of January, a bit late for the congratulation. Instead, they believe that it may be a new album or unreleased music that Luis Miguel may have been preparing at this time.

Still others speculated that it is a new tour, which would return the stage to El Sol, singing his best hits and again in front of the public that admires him so much. But Luis Miguel has not made more comments about it, nor to clarify or deny the different theories that his fans shuffle under the publication.

Luis Miguel, a man of few words in the virtual world

The singer does not usually share many details of his life on social networks, which is why this short video caused such a stir. In fact, one of his last interactions with the public was precisely hours before the premiere of the last season of the series in which he recounted his life and in which he starred. Diego Boneta.

Luis Miguel©Custom

“The series of Netflix It is fiction ”, can be read in the official account of Twitter by Luis Miguel. With this clarified, the singer born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, let the public enjoy the final part of the series.

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Luis Miguel and the mysterious video with which he moved his fans