Luis Fonsi showed what the concert he offered in his son’s nest was like | VIDEO

Luis Fonsi is one of the most popular Latin American singers; However, despite all his experience, he could not help but feel nervous about having to offer a concert for the nest where his son studies.

Through his Instagram profile, the Puerto Rican singer shared a video in which he narrated how his recent visit to Rocco’s school was, as a result of his relationship with the model Águeda López.

“What nerves! One of my most important concerts. They have to see this.” was the description he put in the clip where we see him inside his car on the way to school.

In the clip, while we see him driving, the interpreter of “Despacito” commented: “Today is a special day because I have a mega-concert with a very demanding audience.”

“I am going to sing an internationally known song, I am going to do a cover, it is the first time that I am going to sing this song and I am sure that many people, especially parents, know this song”, he added.

After that, he reveals that his audience will be his son’s classmates, 5-year-olds, whom he would surprise with the song “The chicks say”. “I go to my son Rocco’s kindergarten class to sing Los pollitos dice, and it’s a very demanding audience, 5-year-olds. I’m nervous, I’ve never done it, but hey.” express honestly.

Near the end of the video, we see the moment when Fonsi arrives at his son’s classroom and the children are surprised. In addition, you can also see some fragments of her presentation to the children.

His publication has so far received more than 70,000 “likes”. And in his comments, his followers have not stopped applauding him for sharing those moments next to his son.


Adamari López meets again with Luis Fonsi

Adamari López meets again with Luis Fonsi. (Video: Telemundo)

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Luis Fonsi showed what the concert he offered in his son’s nest was like | VIDEO