June 12, 2021

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Lucero: the time no one went to see her at a “Chiquilladas” concert

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She is one of the most beloved actresses and singers of the show in Mexico and Latin America. From her first appearance in “Alegrías de mediodía” and “Chiquilladas”, the artist became a television icon. Later, he managed to conquer the stage. However, there was an anecdote in her musical career that she told herself.

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When barely he was 10 he debuted in “Joys of noon”, as a singer and actress. Such was the success of the program that after changing its name to “Chiquilladas”, the cast went on to have tours throughout the country. The objective of these concerts was to be able to reach people who only saw them on television.

However, in one of his presentations the audience was almost nil. What happened? The ‘Bride of America‘, as she is known in the art world, she unveiled the details of that unforgettable day in one of her latest podcasts. Here the details.

Lucero in Chiquilladas (Photo: Lucero / YouTube)
Lucero in Chiquilladas (Photo: Lucero / YouTube)


Lucero Hogaza León has a podcast where he tells various anecdotes of his career as a singer, and it is in the episode , where he revealed the time in which a concert of the group was almost empty. This happened in Tapachula, Chiapas.

The Mexican star explained that that opportunity “Chiquilladas” He made two presentations, one at 12 o’clock in the day and the other towards sunset, at 7 o’clock at night. But for the first concert the absence of the public was more than notorious.

“When we got to the square (of Toros), which was not gigantic but it was not small, we arrived and no, I think there were more people on the stage than in the stands, that is, it was emptier that”, Lucero said. “We were all a little surprised. (…) It seemed that not even the flies would stop there, we were disappointed”, added.

And it is that the group of artists was used to seeing a lot of people in the cities they visited, so it was very strange to see a place with just 20 people in the audience. However, as they were all children, they did not give it much importance and they still went out to have fun. “But hey, as a child everything amuses you and nothing is serious, so we went out to do the show,” he shared.

For the second show, the one at 7 at night, the surprise was barbaric. “There was no room for a pin and thousands of people stayed outside because it was infested, it was a success”, detailed the singer.

In the podcast, Lucero concluded that his concert at 12 o’clock had not had a lot of influx because the inhabitants of Tapachula they did not want to go out to enjoy a presentation under the incessant ray of the sunBecause that day the temperature was extreme and easily exceeded 40 degrees.

Lucero in one of his concerts (Photo: Lucero / Instagram)
Lucero in one of his concerts (Photo: Lucero / Instagram)