Lucero kisses Mijares in full concert and this is how the singer reacted | VIDEO

The concertgoers of bright Star Y Mijaresheld last Friday, June 17 at the National Auditorium, was pleasantly surprised when ‘La Novia de América’ gave it a kiss to the interpreter of “Soldier of Love”. Although the singers have shown that they have a good relationship after her divorce, the singer’s action did not leave her ex-husband indifferent.

As you will remember, the couple was married in 1977 and, since then, they have been one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment in Mexico. However, in 2011, they decided to divorce. Despite the separation, the singers maintain a good relationship for their children, Lucero and José Manuel.

This was Mijares’ reaction after receiving Lucero’s kiss

More than a decade after their divorce, the former couple decided to come together to offer a show full of friendship and admiration. The last friday bright Star Y Mijares they offered their first concert of the tour ‘Hasta que nos hace’ at the National Auditorium where they performed their greatest hits such as “Privilegio de amar”.

That was not the only thing that captivated the fans, because during the show, the singers performed various flirtatious and fun interactions, however, in one of the songs, ‘La Novia de América’ gave her a kiss on the cheek the interpreter of “Bella”. The action took him by surprise because when he felt the lips of her ex-wife, he opened his eyes and turned to see her.

bright Star She went on with her performance and he did the same. The reaction of Mijares It went viral on social networks because, in the previous concerts of the artists, it had never been seen before that they gave each other a kiss. The action revived the wishes of his followers for them to resume their relationship, but both have relationships with other people.

The interpreter of “It is not necessary” has an affair with Guadalupe de la Vega, while the protagonist of “La Dueña” has been in a relationship for several years with businessman Michel Kuri. Other surprises that were seen in her first concert at the National Auditorium was the participation of her daughter Lucerito Mijares.

The concert showed again that the ex-partner and their children have a great sense of humor that joins their musical talents. What do you think about the kiss of bright Star Y Mijares? Tell us on the social networks of

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Lucero kisses Mijares in full concert and this is how the singer reacted | VIDEO