Lucero and Mijares show their closeness during their most recent concert

As complicit as ever, Lucero and Mijares they have displayed the beautiful relationship they have built over the years and even after their separation. Some of what their fans have been able to witness in the recent concert that they have offered together, in which in addition to delighting the audience with the best of their repertoire, both were very united and happy to be able to share a moment very special musical, just as they did a few months ago in a virtual way, but this time in the presence of their audience, who throughout the evening did not stop celebrating the complicity that exists between them and that was evident with the smiles , the looks and even the innocent kisses they shared during their show.



After a year marked by the pandemic, Lucero and Mijares returned to the stage in an evening that will undoubtedly remain marked in the hearts of all their fans, who wanted to see them together singing their greatest hits. And although the whole concert was full of memorable moments, without a doubt one of the most applauded moments was when the first chords of the song sounded If you had me, a subject of which It is said that it bears a strong dedication for Lucero and that has become one of the most beloved of Mijares’ repertoire. In fact, the singer recently made it clear that she did not like that issue, despite the fact that her ex-husband explained that it was not created with the actress in mind. That’s why attendees were taken by surprise by the fact that Lucero will sing a duet this song with Mijares, thus completely winning the hearts of all the attendees, who did not stop chanting the success of the interpreter.

Another of the moments that have moved everyone very much and that has become viral, was when they both performed the cover of the song bandit lover by Miguel Bosé, Lucero did not hesitate to give a tender kiss on the cheek to the father of her children, who with total joy received him while singing one of the phrases that referred to a kiss, thus raising the spirits of all the attendees, who recorded this special moment with their cell phone cameras and shared on social networks, where It immediately went viral.

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Songs with dedication?

Although at first Lucero and Mijares decided to keep the details of their separation in complete privacy, now that more than 10 years have passed since that moment of their lives, the ex-partner has broken the silence regarding one of the most notorious rumors of that time , which pointed out that both had dedicated two of their strongest songs of heartbreak. On this subject they spoke with complete sincerity during the program The Challenger, of which both are part of the panel of judges, referring to the song You had me, which was always believed to be inspired by their separation. “Of course it is not mine, nor was it dedicated to someone else “, Mijares expressed during one of the interventions in the Televisa show.

However, Lucero had a slight suspicion that the song was indeed dedicated to her, letting her ex know that she never liked it and that she considered it a bad song. In fact, the actress also took the opportunity to be honest and reveal that she did dedicate a song to Mijares, because she said, she felt hurt by the song that he had previously released. “ANDIt went from fiery, because I said ‘from fiery, to fiery, because I win from fiery. And I already did one after it was called You couldn’t love like that”, He revealed with a laugh.


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