Low cost festivals where you can enjoy music for 30 euros or less

Summer is coming and festival season has begun. More than 100 are those who celebrate in our country throughout these three months where the heat is the main protagonist. Most of them exceed 50 euros and for some people it is very difficult to afford to pay large amounts of money. Nevertheless, You can go to some of them for less than 30 euros and we will tell you which ones they are, all of them outside the big Spanish cities:

The Dream Island Festival (Palma de Mallorca)

Palma de Mallorca embrace the days June 15, 19 and 25, The Dream Island Festivalan urban music festival that has artists of the stature of bad gyal, DJ NanoÁlvaro de Luna, Lennis Rodríguez or Ptazeta.

The first day has already passed, but you still have time to enjoy the two remaining dates of the event. It is located in the Trui Son Fusteret complex in Palma de Mallorca. General admission is 30 euros.

IX Cañeteando (Cañete de las Torres, Córdoba)

If you are from Córdoba or surroundings you can enjoy a festival totally free. cañeteando celebrates a new edition, and there are already nine, offering a wide variety of music without paying a single euro. The June 25th will go up to the stages of the town of Canete of the Towers groups like M-Clan either The blue House.

Alterna Festival (El Bonillo, Albacete)

Are you passionate about alternative sounds? Don’t worry, there is also a low cost festival for you. Specifically, the alternate festivalwhere you can enjoy artists and groups ranging from rap to rock or ska like SFDK, The children of the corn, Nativa or Los de Marras. The July 8 and 9 enjoy in El Bonillo (Albacete) of all of them for 30 euros (one day ticket) or 40 euros (two-day subscription).

Cap Roig Festival (Cap Roig, Girona)

A new edition of the Cap Roig Festival starting from July 23 to August 15. Every day, an important artist of our music will take to the stage of this event in the Catalan town. Sebastian Yatra, Christina AguileraStay Homes, Pablo AlboranMiki Núñez or Rigoberta Bandini are just some of the people who will go through it.

Not all concerts have the same prices. It is true that, for example, the Christina Aguilera show exceeded the budget of 30 euros put in this article, since they range between 200 and 340 euros. However, there are other wonderful and incredibly talented artists that you can go for. only 20 eurosWhat is the case of Miki NunezJoan Dausà or Rigoberta Bandini.

LOS40 Catalunya and LOS40 Classic are two of the official sponsors of the Cap Roig Festival.

Guitar Festival (Cordoba)

Do you love guitars and want to see a show where they are the protagonists? Córdoba brings you a new edition of the guitar festival. From July 1 to 9 you can enjoy a wonderful lineup of artists like Medina Azahara, Andres Calamaro, guitarricadelafuente or Caliphate ¾ and Tanxugueiras.

By 30 euros and less you will be able to listen to the art of all these artists. The shows will take place in different parts of Córdoba, such as the Teatro de la Axerquía, Teatro Góngora, Gran Teatro or the Patio de los Naranjos de la Mezquita.

Crazy Urban Festival (Torrevieja, Alicante)

Are you crazy? And so crazy is this urban music festival to be held in Torrevieja (Alicante) on August 13. The Antonio Soria Park hosts the second edition of this event that has all kinds of entertainment for you to have a great time. From craft market area to skate or surf zone. But what is undoubtedly incredible is the poster that it has this year: Ajax and Prok, Omar Montes, Hens or Marlena are just some of the artists who will pass through its stage.

General tickets are priced at 29 euros. Do not miss it!

Light Festival (Boimorto, A Coruña)

Boimorto (A Coruña) will host a new edition of the festival of light with a poster that brings together all kinds of artists so you can enjoy music at its best. The days August 26, 27 and 28the Galician town will bring together bad rodriguezDelaporte, Rock with Ñ, Fon Román or Yoly Saaamong many others, so you can sing and dance all you want.

Tickets are available now and are worth between 15 and 20 eurosdepending on the type of fertilizer chosen.

Metro Urban Fest (La Fica, Murcia)

Summer will definitely be gone when The Fica (Murcia) celebrate the Metro Urban Festthe 24th September. An event that, as its name suggests, is urban music and is one of the cheapest. €19.99 you will have to pay only to enjoy artists like Ptazeta, Pole or Funzo & Baby Loud.

Tickets are already on sale, but hurry! because they are limited units.

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Low cost festivals where you can enjoy music for 30 euros or less