Los Shinigamis del Norte, the otaku band that is all the rage with anime covers

a band of has gained popularity in recent months for performing, in his own style, anime songs for otaku youth culture. It is about Los Shinigamis del Norte, whose songs have become in the .

is a band originally from Monterrey, a city and capital of the state of Nuevo León that is located in the Northeast Region of Mexico, as explained .

The group became known in 2021, after performing at events aimed at otaku culture such as the Conve de Cintermex, among others. They describe themselves on their social networks as a Nortaku (northern-otaku) band, dedicated to playing geek-themed songs or “frikicorridos”. They not only interpret corridos, but also cumbias and other themes with the norteño style.

They make up the band, as required , Diego García, on drums, Jesús (Ven) Jiménez, on bass; Yair Guzmán, main voice; Carlos Castillo, on the accordion, Erick (Kysho) Bolaños, on the fifth bass. Yair Guzmán the vocalist, known on social networks as Lalothing, was the creator of the group.

In their presentations they usually wear boots and a hat, but they also surprise their fans with outfits similar to the demon slayers of Kimetsu no Yaiba or the locals of some village in the Naruto series, according to the Mexican website.

Why are they called the Northern Shinigami?

The name of the band is inspired by the Shinigami, which in Japanese folklore refers to gods or supernatural beings that invite human beings to death, or induce feelings of wanting to die, as explained .

The group makes parodies of anime songs and in their music there are references to pop culture in general: anime, video games, series, movies, cartoons and memes.

Currently, they have 2 singles of their own entitled “Regla 34” and “El Vicioso”. One of his songs most requested by the public is “El Envidioso”, a corrido based on the anime of Death Note and Your Enchanted Heart, a song from the OST of Dragon Ball GT, according to .

What is an otaku?

Depending on the site the term otaku is defined as a fanatical person or with obsessive hobbies, comes from Japanese culture, and is applied to any topic, area or field (games, music groups, hobbies, comics, movies, series, computers, cars, etc.). photography, etc.), especially anime and manga.

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Los Shinigamis del Norte, the otaku band that is all the rage with anime covers