Los Angeles Azules, how much do they charge per concert

With more than 40 years of experience, Los Ángeles Azules is one of the greatest exponents of cumbia in Latin America, and also one of the best-priced groups in the middle of the world. .

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The musical group comes from Barrio San Lucas in Iztapalapa, Mexico City. It was initially founded by four of eight brothers known as the Mejía Avante Family in 1976.

As they forged and searched for a musical style, they began to make themselves known by playing at parties, baptisms, weddings, and community market anniversaries.

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Today, with more than 20 studio albums and four live albums, The blue Angels have positioned themselves as one of the most internationally recognized Mexican groups, collaborating with different artists such as Belinda, Natalia Lafourcade, Ha * Ash, Gloria Trevi, Miguel Bosé, Lalo Ebratt, Julieta Venegas; among others.


Due to his fame and popularity, Los Angeles Azules are in high demand for private events. In that sense, the cumbia band was one of the groups chosen to entertain the wedding of boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez on May 22.

According to reports that were made since the athlete’s marriage, the cumbia musical group would have charged more than a million Mexican pesos for the presentation.

In previous years, the group got to charge of 300 thousand to 500 thousand pesos per concert, but since its stellar presentation in several international festivals, the band began to raise the cost of their services to reach a millionaire figure.


  • Elías “El Doc” Mejía Avante: electric bass
  • Jorge Mejía Avante: accordion, keyboard and Composer
  • Alfredo Mejía Avante: keyboard, accordion
  • José Mejía Avante: Timbales
  • Hector José Mejia Diaz Timbales and Tambor Alegre
  • Cristina Mejía Avante: guacharaca
  • Guadalupe Mejía Avante: piano, guitar, bass and gouache
  • Edwin Ordóñez Xahuentitla: First voice
  • Rubi Mejia: Female Voice
  • Erick de la Peña Ruíz: First Voice, backing vocals and electric guitar
  • José Alfredo Clavijo Díaz: 1st trumpet
  • Roberto Sánchez Melgarejo: 2nd trumpet
  • Enrique Clavijo Díaz: 1st trombone
  • Juan Antonio Clavijo Serrano: 2nd trombone
  • José Alfredo Nambo Mejía: Conga, electronic keyboard and bongos
  • Joaquín Rosendo Campero: DJ and electric percussions


One of the boxer’s great dreams was to have the presence of Los Angeles Azules on his wedding day. And it is that having grown up listening to them, he always longed to have them in front of him.

According to Jorge Mejía, the group’s composer, the boxer told him the main reason that led him to contact them. “[Me dice Canelo] my parents listened to their music. My dream as a child was that by the time I got married they would play ‘Los Ángeles Azules’, indicated in an interview with Adela Micha.

It was for this reason that the best pound for pound on the planet asked the Iztapalapa group to be at the celebration for their marriage.

Once the group was on the track they delighted with their songs: “The ribbon of your hair”, “17 years” and “How could I forget you”.

The members of the group said that the party was unique and full of luxuries, and that without a doubt all the attendees had fun.

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