Loquillo unites generations of people from Palencia and Cómplices makes the Plaza Mayor romantic

Loquillo, last night in the Hall. / Martha Moras

The ‘exTroglodita’ band does not disappoint on their ‘El Rey’ tour and fills the Parque del Salón to overflowing, and the Galician duo makes the nineties current

Although the show started more than twenty minutes late, José María Sanz ‘Loquillo’ made up for the wait of an audience that was restlessly waiting with a powerful start. ‘The seekers’ opened the repertoire that the singer performed together with a band made up of up to six musicians, who continued with the songs ‘El Believer’, ‘La libertad’ and ‘Creo en mí’.

Palencianos of all ages congregated, who hummed ‘Ugly, strong and formal’, ‘The king of glam’ or ‘When we were the best’ in front of a Loquillo who wore his usual clothing for concerts, his characteristic black suit, and his more than famous toupee.

Songs from yesterday and today that transported attendees to ‘Movida madrileña’ itself thanks to its own style that preserves the essence of those years that made Loquillo a true symbol. With continuous interaction with the public thanks to a ‘show’ that the Catalan has mastered perfectly after four decades on stage, Loquillo once again established himself in Palencia as one of the artists who best controls live performances, leaving the sensation among the public that both he and his band have played as if it were the last concert of their careers.

An intergenerational symbol of the history of pop rock in Spain that has become one of the most anticipated performances in the city practically by chance, since it was not scheduled until this week when El Dúo Dinámico announced the cancellation of their concert due to problems health of one of its components.

The replacement was very well received last night by all the residents of Palencia, who had the opportunity to enjoy this free appointment as part of his ‘El Rey’ tour and which summarizes his entire professional career of more than four decades.

Since his appearance in the 1980s, in the midst of the Madrid scene, Loquillo has been part of the musical band for generations and generations, and yesterday he again brought together parents and children in Palencia who remembered together how ‘El Rey’, after being part of the groups ‘Loquillo y los Intocables’ and ‘Loquillo y los Trogloditas’, began a solo career in 1999 that has continued to keep him at the top of the music scene.

Loquillo had taken the baton at the time of Cómplices (when the former Los Trogloditas began to sing in the Salón, Teo Cardalda and María Monsonís entered La Barra de Villoldo to regain strength), which had previously performed in the Plaza Mayor. The musical duo recalled their greatest hits such as ‘Es por ti’, one of the most emblematic songs in the history of Spanish music. In 1990, the group Cómplices published this ballad that achieved immediate success and positioned the duo at the top of the music scene, a classic that the city of Palencia was able to hear live again last night thirty years later in the Plaza Mayor.

‘Danza de la ciudad’ opened the performance followed by other titles such as ‘Sell yourself or die’, ‘Olvidos’ and ‘When I believe in you’ with Teo Cardalda on voice, guitar and piano and María Monsonís on voice and tambourine. As if time had not passed neither for Cómplices nor for their public, the people of Palencia responded to another of the musical events scheduled by the City Council to make the nineties current by forming part of the lives of many people of Palencia.

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Loquillo unites generations of people from Palencia and Cómplices makes the Plaza Mayor romantic