Liverpool fans sang a Fito Páez tune in the Champions League preview: the musician’s reaction

The fans who stayed in England enjoyed the preview with the rhythm of the Argentine musician

The songs of the Argentine soccer fans have transcended national borders to set trends throughout the football world. USAgoing by Spain And till Japan, are some examples of countries where indigenous melodies have been used to encourage their own teams. And this Saturday, one of them was present at the end of the Champions League in which Liverpool fell by the slightest difference compared to real Madrid.

The song in question was sung by the fans of the runner-up team who, to the rhythm of “And give joy to my heart” by Fito Páezcoined a tribute to his centre-forward, the Brazilian Roberto Firmino. Sung in the most important continental match of the year, the melody reached the ears of the Argentine musician, who echoed the event and thanked the tide of supporters on Twitter for using his 1990 creation. “How amazing!”, along with 45 seconds of testimony. And he gave RT to different publications that highlighted the finding. The video was filmed in the city where The Beatles germinated, where thousands of fans gathered to watch the decisive match on a giant screen.

While in England everything was a party waiting for the start of the final, in the Stade de France in Paris everything was chaos outside the stadium. The staff were overwhelmed by the number of Liverpool fans and He was unable to prevent several from climbing the bars and entering the premises. In addition, there were reports of English clashes with the police at one of the checkpoints.

Liverpool fans who did not get tickets gathered in different public places to watch the final (Photo: Reuters)

Fans were informed on the screens in the stadium that they should continue to wait and the players from both teams returned to the field to carry out further warm-up work. After several minutes of incidents and runs, security decided to completely shut down income. Several journalists present there reported that this was happening while hundreds of followers of the Liverpool they expected to be able to enter with their ticket in hand. For this reason, there were many empty seats in the stands already around the start time. Finally the duel could take place and Vinicius scored the goal that gave Real Madrid the crown.

The original lyrics of the song

There’s something that the Kop (the most famous stand in the Liverpool stadium, equivalent to the popular ones in Argentina) want you to know

The best in the world, his name is “Bobby” Firmino. Our number 9, give him the ball and he will score every time

Yes sir. Give the ball to “Bobby” and he will score.

Its translation into Spanish

There’s something the Kop wants you to know

The name of the best in the world is “Bobby” Firmino. Our 9, give him the ball and he will convert every time

Yes sir, give the ball to “Bobby” who is going to score the goal


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Liverpool fans sang a Fito Páez tune in the Champions League preview: the musician’s reaction